Isn’t it ironic that Lebanon whose Hezbollah is financially corned by the USA had the courage to chose Pfizer and Moderna whereas our own PM turned to these companies “only after vaccine deal with China failed”?

First, in all honesty, do you trust the quality of a Chinese (or a Russian?) vaccine as much as you would trust vaccines from the USA, France, or the UK?

Well, let Bambi speak for herself. With all due respect to the science in all countries, her answer is no (for many reasons from rigour to ethical considerations, etc.). However, this is Bambi’s personal opinion and it is not the precise focus of this post.

The focus of this post is on Mr. Trudeau’s leadership and choices. Is he the PM of Canada or of China, we may wonder at times?

Ironically, Lebanon (but not Canada :)!) picked two American pharmaceutical companies for the vaccine. Yes, we are talking about the same Lebanon that is hijacked internally by the Hezbollah (and externally by its master Iran) and the latter is now financially corned by the USA.

Will Mr. Trudeau blame his predecessor, Mr. Harper, again for his own choice :)?

Well, to use the term of the official opposition leader, Mr. O’Toole, for putting “all the eggs in one basket“?

Was this a wise choice and especially approach during the vaccine negotiation strategy, given the outcome: the delayed onset of vaccination in Canada, compared to MANY other countries in the world (who knows? Perhaps even including tiny bankrupt and “third world” Lebanon? That was meant as a joke, but you never know…)?

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