Are Mr. Biden & Mr. Blinken more naïve about Iran than our idealistic Mr. Trudeau?

First, our Prime Minister delivered a virtual address to the UN General Assembly on September 25, 2020. In it, he dared to criticize Iran (as per an earlier post by Bambi, video by CTV News). He even mentioned the people of Beirut. Thanks again Mr. Justin Trudeau.

Even when targeted by two Russian pranksters (thinking he was talking to Ms. Greta Thunberg :)), Mr. Trudeau answered all the questions well. Actually, he did not make any faux-pas. He even answered questions better than he usually does with domestic journalists.

Of note, as per BBC, this phone call was recorded a few days after the “Ukraine International Airlines flight PS752 had been shot down after taking off from the Iranian capital of Tehran, amid escalating tensions between Iran and the US. All passengers and crew on board the flight were killed, including 57 Canadian citizens” (

Keeping this in mind, it is not a secret to anyone that Mr. Biden wants to revive the Iran nuclear deal:

Well, below is a France 24 interview with Mr. Anthony Blinken, USA President-Elect Biden’s pick for Secretary of State (Blinken is a loyal colleague from his own party’s establishment). This interview is old, from May, 2019. Bambi just discovered it.

You can watch Mr. Blinken sounding very convinced of Iran’s good faith with regard to the nuclear deal to the point where he seems to trust the Iranian regime more than his own fellow American government, if that makes any sense :).

Bambi wrote the above sarcastic comment, even is she loves diplomacy (she prefers it to aggressive methods, which should be a last resort, when everything else fails).

She also understands someone’s attachment to an agreement, which may be perceived as own little “baby”.

Mr. Trump may have taken the USA out of that deal because of evidence showing that Iran was still building its nuclear weapon (even if it signed the deal)? Could it be? Not just because he wanted to undo the legacy of Mr. Obama et al., although the latter is highly possible with all leaders, especially narcissistic ones who find it hard to recognize any good achievement by others they do not agree with?

At least, Mr. Blinken admitted in the interview in question that Mr. Trump was consistent with himself in achieving his electoral promises, including this one.

And now, Mr. Biden will likely do the same. He will undo the more aggressive policy against Iran to a return to a softer one he will call multilateral, collegial, etc.

All the good words of the world could be said about diplomacy and good collaborations. Bambi is usually the first to applaud such efforts (especially being raised in a chaotic civil war). However, the sad reality is that nothing will stop Iran, not even the good diplomatic words/deals of our good world leaders.

Indeed, Bambi toured the news sites from this country (in English) and those by the Hezbollah. You can notice the happier tone to have Mr. Biden, as President-Elect. We could also read the words of Mr. Nasrallah making fun of Mr. Trump’s defeat (even, if the legal fight of the latter is not over yet). In an earlier post, Bambi mentioned how Iran was too fast to inform Mr. Biden of its intentions to come back to the deal. This means that the latter was too good for Iran, no?

Bambi also heard about supporters of the Hezbollah dancing on the streets of Beirut when they read the news about Mr. Biden being the President-Elect (not Mr. Trump). What does this tell us?

In all honesty, Bambi is writing this post and she does not care about neither Mr. Trump nor Mr. Biden. She cares about people more than politicians, especially when the latter lack courage, wisdom, or humility to recognize sterile political outcomes.

Instead, she cares more about the Lebanese people who will live with the consequences of the decisions of the Bidens, the Trumps, the Blinkens, and the Nasrallah’s of this world.

She cares about the innocent Iranian people who would sadly be the first to pay the price, whether under sanctions or under a future nuclear bomb that will threaten the whole region (including Beirut).

She cares about our neighbours, the USA people whom she respects and likes.

A soft, diplomatic approach is usually the wisest method with the majority of people or nations in life. However, soft methods can be taken advantage of by more vicious entities or toxic personalities.

Iran is scientifically clever (it could develop the nuclear bomb) and is determined (you can move mountains when you have faith in your will). In contrast, despite its power, the USA may be too naïve or too taken by its globalist (and idealistic) agenda, with all due respect to both Mr. Biden and Mr. Blinken (who speaks great French, plays the guitar, is a great servant of his country, and knows Lebanon well).

To conclude this post, Bambi thanks them and wishes them the best, even if she has her doubts. Whilst doing so, she prays that their decisions will keep her loved ones safe(r)!

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