Dr. Saad is Jewish and yet he does not support “banning”/”cancelling” Hitler’s Mein Kampf. So, what is the problem of those publishing employees “triggered” by Dr. Jordan’s Peterson book and why is our society that totalitarian?

To borrow the words of Dr. Mathieu Bock-Côté, “the world ahead of us is charming, isn’t it? It is not about appreciating or not the ideas of Jordan Peterson. It is rather about watching how censorship functions nowadays“.

What else could be said about our sad times of collective insanity?

You do not like an author’s work, do not read it or criticize it in a smart way. Do not burn it or cancel it, regardless of the book (which, if it is like his earlier book, will be a pleasure to discover, by the way :)).

Regardless of Dr. Peterson’s ideas or perspective in life, why are we doing this to him and to ourselves? Why are we turning our beautiful Canada into “Fascistland”?

Enough is more than enough!

As Dr. Saad said in the video above well, the price of living in a democracy is to have everyone’s voices in a society. Those whom we agree with as well as those who challenge our ideas.

As Bambi wrote on this blog once, even radicals like Islamists (who recently chopped the head of Professor Samuel Patty in France) have the right to exist in a free society and express their opinions. The problem is of course when they call for violence or act on it like in this barbaric tragedy. The problem is also when they resort to defamation.

In Bambi’s non-expert citizen opinion, all this saga is a defamation of Dr. Peterson’s character and intelligence. You may disagree with him, fine (Bambi does not agree all the time, but she has the utmost respect for him). However, he has the right to be published, as much as other so-called scholars are. We have the right to read them or not, to find them inspiring or not, etc.

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