Thank goodness our Green MLA, Ms. Mitton, does not live in Québec as she would have been often called “ma petite Madame”!

In what world do we live, when in the middle of a pandemic with devastating public health and economic issues, an article in our state media about “offensive language” of (male) politicians?

With all due respect to Ms. Megan Mitton, who called her like this? Can she tell us ??

Bambi thought that by a second term, she would have developed a thicker skin.

What’s wrong with lady? Isn’t this a noble title? What’s wrong with being young ?? Did she prefer “old lady” instead?

For over a decade and perhaps 15 years, Bambi thought “Ma petite Madame” was said to her in public places (e.g., by cashier in supermakets, etc.) because she is small. It turned out that no, it could be said to any woman, even tall ones. She was happy to know that, even if she did not mind it if it wasn’t the case (she is indeed smaller than average French-Canadian “ladies”).

As for her Green MLA colleague, Mr. Kevin Arsenau, since when “our Indigenous people” is disrespectful and with a colonial attitude? Bambi may have used that term in front of immigrants (and she is an old one… yes old not “young” as in “young lady” ?!). She thinks she may have even used it before “First Nations” once even, and her ancestors are surely not settlers in this country. They are “Indigenous” maybe (as Phenicians?).

Seriously now, there is something tender with the word “our” and something “inclusive”, on the contrary. At least, this is how Bambi perceives it because she does not spontaneously attribute bad intentions to people she communicates with or people who talk about her or about a facet of her complex identities.

Are those Green politicians now playing on words to create a sort of discomfort in not only their peers, but also in their society? We also now become even more politically correct that way? For Bambi, this is a form of combined control and superficiality. This is even dangerous, if pushed to the extreme in a society. It can eventually create strife.

There is no country in the world that doesn’t have its own tensions between groups. We are blessed in NB to be as harmonious as we can be, despite our issues. Some countries have issues between Shia or Sunni Muslims. Other countries have issues between people of African descent and others of European origins, etc. Yet other between more secular majority/ies and the most religious minorities (e.g., Israel, Lebanon, and perhaps now France, etc.). This is why a concept like “systemic racism” is a catch-all term that can be used as weapon in any country, not just the USA or ours.

All this being said, can we please focus on the more pressing issues in life?

For instance, Ms. Megan has at heart issues like housing. This is concrete. This is highly important in people’s daily lives, more than a word said here or written there. Please Ms. Megan keep your good work and let go the superficial issues that distract us from what matters the most for us: Actions to improve our lives.  

In other terms, can you please, as Opposition, hold Mr. Higgs’ government accountable to us, the taxpayers?

Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Thank goodness our Green MLA, Ms. Mitton, does not live in Québec as she would have been often called “ma petite Madame”!”

  1. It would be hard indeed to teach the song lyrics ”Town Council had a little lamb and her name was Miss Mutton” in Kebekistan!

  2. Maybe it’s “lady” that she objects to.

    I really find it quite rich – and hypocritical. She certainly had no objections to Town Council labelling me with “misconduct”.

    Very… unladylike.

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