Isn’t it sad how our small town tolerates 400 demonstrators, many from outside, but not one local citizen who thinks differently?

Bambi would like to comment an article and a comment published by our Dear New Wark Times.

First, thank your Mr. Wark for reporting on how “Sackville Councillor raises questions about RCMP quarterly reports and opinion surveys“.

Second, Bambi is not surprised to read about the “general level of satisfaction with RCMP in New Brunswick” and thanks to this article for pointing for areas of improvement.

As far as Bambi is concerned, she is grateful to our police officers whose daily job consists of keeping us safe and sound.

Third, and this is what is the most shocking news to Bambi (again, thank you Mr. Wark for posting the comment). Yes, for a second, she thought she was perhaps in Iran, Saudi Arabia, or “Hezbollistan” when she read the following comment by someone she suspects she knows the identity of (although she has never met her in real life yet, she was delighted when she kindly commented on her blog in the past, thank you):

A few times hysterical people online have had the RCMP ‘sent’ to my house to speak to me…. I have nothing bad to say about the local police. They are polite and courteous to me.. that’s more than I can say for a lot of badly behaved members of the overpaid chattering class around here… and no I don’t make a habit of phoning the police because of my hurt feelings.” (comment on the Warktimes by Kata List Productions).

Can you imagine? Sending the police to someone’s house because of her different opinions that she expresses online?!

What world our we living in?

Is this the Canada we want?

Bambi is sorry to learn what Kata List Productions had to go through :(.

Instead of challenging our own opinions with new perspectives.

We could have easily told ourselves: We do not agree with her.

We can even decide not read her comments or blogs.

We may even disagree and keep reading, even if we do not agree.

We may even learn that she is right on some issues, even if they are to the right.

Just to give an example not related to right or left, Bambi saw once a video posted by Kata List Productions that she had all the reasons of the world to consider shocking at the time.

It was about the Beirut surrealistic explosion of August 4th, 2020. As a reminder, 6000+ persons were injured, 200+ lost their lives, over 300,000 houses damaged, etc. Her own niece, brother-in-law, and childhood friend were injured (the latter cannot take the stairs yet). Her parents’ apartment was destroyed and dad’s shop also badly damaged.

Yet, the video tried to argue that the BBC images from Beirut hospitals were fake and the whole story did not exist (conspiracy of some sort that did not make any sense given the shocking reality in Beirut).

Anyhow, Bambi watched that video just for fun and told herself: Well that person talking in it should perhaps chat with Rania (Bambi’s sister) who visited three hospitals to find her badly injured spouse (whilst her daughter was being taken to yet another hospital by a stranger).

She looked into the faces of surely over 1500 injured citizens at one single hospital— bloody faces— to try to recognize her husband.

So, yes, those images that toured the world were real, even if they appeared surreal.

All this to say, so what?

People are free to think what they want about whatever topic they wish. They are free to believe stories or not.

Whom are we to judge that we are the only ones to hold the truth to the point of sending RCMP to people’s private homes?

Perhaps Kata List Productions fully endorses that video. Perhaps not. Whatever. Bambi did not mind (her feelings were not hurt!).

To conclude this post on a lighter note, Bambi did not have a visit of the RCMP… yet ?, but she agrees: they are “polite and courteous“!

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