Is there anything more moving than Tenor Amine Hachem’s voice singing “Li Beirut” (sub-titled in English)?

Bambi discovered Mr. Hachem’s voice on the radio she listens to whilst working (he sings in English and Italian too). She hopes you will enjoy this beautiful song as much as she did (minus the tears it brought to her eyes).

Toward the end of the song, you can see some old pictures of the charming Beirut.

Well, perhaps Bambi is homesick now (first forthcoming Christmas where she will not be “jumping” to Beirut to see her family)? This may explain why she saw two people in those pictures who made her think of her own parents in their younger years 🙂 (miss you mom and dad… Hope to see you and see everyone as soon as possible in 2021!).

To be serious now, this song of Feyruz, was composed during the ugliest days of the Lebanese civil war (1975-1990). Beirut was totally destroyed at the time.

It is sad yet cathartic to listen to that same old song in 2020, knowing that its meaning remains full for Beirutis.

Yes, it has been almost 100 days since that surrealistic explosion which destroyed Beirut to the extent of a15-year-stupid war… but in just 15 seconds.

Thank you Mr. Hachem et al. for this beautiful performance!

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