Mr. Nasrallah jubilates over “Trump’s humiliating downfall”. What does he have to say about his own country’s tragic downfall?

First, we learned yesterday that Mr. Nasrallah, the head of the Hezbollah was so happy over “Trump’s humiliating downfall“, to use his own words (OK, this even if almost half of the American population voted for Mr. Trump :)):

Many people, in the USA and around the world, were happy like Mr. Nasrallah. They were genuinely fed-up of Mr. Trump’s politics or pathetic personality traits.

Unlike Mr. Nasrallah though, they do not military control their country or its fate of war and peace.

Unlike him, they do not constitute a state within a state (the latter is is in a free fall now). They do not suffer from American sanctions whilst keeping to serve the interests of another country.

In other terms, they put their own state first.

Bambi wonders what Mr. Nasrallah thinks of the 80% devaluation of the Lebanese currency?

What does he think about the exodus of Lebanon’s brains?

What does he think about the Beirut port explosion that destroyed half, if not more, of his city?

As per the Reuters article below, “Hundreds of disillusioned doctors leave Lebanon, in blow to healthcare“. We can read the story of a few of them, including a pathologist returning to the United States with his family.

As the article describes, this is huge loss to teaching hospitals, as these physicians teach at Lebanese universities in addition to practising medicine:

When will Mr. Nasrallah stop playing with or talking the language of war?

When will he put his own country first, before serving Iran?

When will he show consideration toward his fellow citizens who are deprived of everything (i.e., lives, a government, access to their savings, housing especially post-surrealistic explosions, power, other governmental services like effective garbage processing, medication, decent healthcare, quality of life)?

When will he have enough humility to look in the mirror to see his own reflection, before judging the image of other politicians in other foreign countries?

Mind you, not any country.

A country he regularly calls for its death, like the Iranian regime chants (“death to America“).

Why can’t he turn this chant into “life to Lebanon” instead?!

Contrary to the USA which sees one administration leaving and another one replacing it (the beauty of democracy, even when imperfect!), the tragedy of Lebanon is the following:

Unlike Mr. Trump, Mr. Nasrallah is not potentially changeable after four years.

Unless the Iranian regime changes, he seems to be there forever (there was a reason why the US has been aggressive toward Iran and his group/allies).

In other terms, even if this man retires (from terror, politics, or… life) today, other mini future Hezbollah leading clones will fast replace Mr. Nasrallah.

This is the toxic ideology and reality behind Mr. Nasrallah’s group.

Lebanon deserves much better than this warrior mindset… and hegemony.

Lebanon deserves dignity, democracy, prosperity, and peace.

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