Armenia “expresses full solidarity with France’s President Macron”, Germany “condemns Erdogan’s defamatory statements”, but our own Mr. Trudeau remains silent about both Mr. Samuel’s Paty’s horrific death and Mr. Macron. Does this silence speak volumes?

First, here is Armenia’s public news:

Today, Mr. Merkel condemned the words of Mr. Erdogan. “Vielen Dank, Frau Merkel”!

Below you can find a translation of a SHARP article by Mr. Richard Martineau about the silence of Mr. Trudeau. Mind you, Bambi has posted on this topic yesterday (see further below). Her words were not as harsh as Mr. Martineau, although she shares his disappointment.

This being said, Bambi is not surprised because Mr. Trudeau must be afraid of Islamists (with a reason!).

She feels like telling him today: Mr. Trudeau, you tell us you love women and gay people (thank you). Islamists are not nice to neither of them. They control the former and they kill the latter. Mr. Erdogan has not been nice to neither Armenians, nor Kurds (the latter are Muslims, and you do like the latter, thank you). Mr. Erdogan is being nasty to Mr. Macron, to France, and to “universal values”, to use the French President’s own words.

To both Mr. Erdogan and Mr. Nasrallah (Hezbollah’s leader) and to the whole circus of boycott of French products in the Middle East and into Pakistan, Bambi feels like saying: Enough is enough. France is sovereign in its own country. You do not speak for neither French people nor for Islamists… and surely NOT for Muslims (AND Non-Muslims) there. So please shut up.

As for Mr. Trudeau, without wanting to, your silence may put Bambi’s family in Beirut in danger (not just France’s citizens). The entire world needs to be firm with both Islamists and those who agitate them.

As for observant Muslims, with all due respect, love, and compassion, Bambi will say the following: Please learn to develop a thick skin (especially if you live in France or the Western world, which values freedom). If you live in the Arab or Muslim world, please ask yourself whether the Prophet Mohamed truly need you to boycott food to defend his honour. Bambi may be wrong, but something tells her that he would be sad to know you are not eating delicious French goodies (especially in times of pandemics!).

Bambi is saying the above and she has Muslim close relatives, not just friends.

Furthermore, she is lucky to come from a country with moderate Muslims, even those who are religious (OK minus Mr. Nasrallah and other radicals, whether from his group or not).

Friends in Moncton (some originally from Lebanon!) often assume she is Muslim (and vice versa ?). They are surprised when they realize that she is not. She could have been. She is everything and nothing. Yet, she has her own beliefs in her heart.

In Bambi’s mind, even if she believes in Jesus in her heart, she thinks that you have all the right to make fun of him (and/or of Jeovah, Prophet Mohamed, Mother Earth if you prefer, other Gods like Hindu ones, and/or of Buddha). Even if in her own mind, Jesus is God (OK + son of God and all the rest…). So, for her and those who share her belief, he is not just a prophet or a good teacher or a historic Jewish figure. Yet, she does not impose this belief on others, not even on her spouse (+ vice versa, of course). She does not mind being teased about this Jesus or seeing funny books or jokes about him. What matters to her is her own beliefs or not, not others’ beliefs or not. So please, give France a break and stop trying to destabilize it!

OK, enough of Bambi’s blahblahblah and here is Mr. Martineau’s article, published in the Journal de Montréal, and entitled: “Shame on you, Mr. Trudeau [Honte à vous, monsieur Trudeau!].

“At the time of writing (last night at 6 p.m.), Justin Trudeau has yet to say anything about the horrific assassination by an Islamist activist of French professor Samuel Paty.


Not a single word.


On June 5, our PM joined thousands of demonstrators in Ottawa to protest the killing of African American George Floyd by a racist cop.

Our national Kid Kodak, who never misses a chance to show the whole world how heartfelt he is, had his photo taken on one knee on the ground.

He remained in this position for 8 minutes 46 seconds, the time that George Floyd was tortured below the knee of White Policeman Derek Chauvin.

But when a teacher – a teacher, damn it! – gets beheaded by a racist Islamist who hates all who are not Muslims, especially if they have the nerve to be French, radio silence.

Monsieur Compassion has gone to get his Bovril. Why?

Is the beheading murder of a white man by a Chechen Islamist less shocking than the asphyxiation murder of a black man by a racist cop?

Islamism is less dangerous than racism? Less reprehensible?

Who knows? Perhaps a symbolic gesture should be invented to protest against the death of Mr. Paty. Putting our right hand on our throat, how about that?

And keep it there the time it took before that poor teacher’s head snapped off her body and fell heavily on the asphalt.

The Narcissus who takes the place of PM could make this gesture in front of the cameras.

Like that, his photo would circulate in all the daily newspapers and all the news bulletins on the planet. What are you waiting for, Mr. Trudeau? It would be so good for your image!


We in Québec (you know, the province populated by intolerant and racist “fucking frogs”) did not hesitate to condemn this heinous crime.

Following a motion tabled by Liberal MNA Marwah Rizqy (who did not hesitate to use the taboo word that begins with i – Islamism), the National Assembly respected a minute of silence and unanimously condemned this heinous act.

“Islamist terrorists, after attacking newspapers and freedom of expression, are now attacking the best job in the world, being a teacher, because they know very well that by attacking education, they attack knowledge,”said Ms. Rizqy.

You, during that time, Mr. Trudeau, what did you do? What did you say?

Nothing. You took your hole.

As you always have done whenever Islamists have committed terrorist acts – just talking about “incidents”, as if it were a train derailment.

As historian Frédéric Bastien wrote on his Facebook page: “Mr. Trudeau himself was a teacher. This story, which had echoes around the world, should have appealed to him. I saw no reaction from him.”


Shame on you, Mr. Trudeau.

As we saw recently with the 500 Québeckers who asked for an apology for having been unjustly imprisoned in October 1970, your indignation is selective. And your present silence, deafening.”


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