N-word: Why is the CBC insisting on creating the next generation of entitled narcissists?

In order to grow up and thrive in life, youth must learn to develop a thick skin and a critical sense.

Sadly, both are lacking in our new radicalized and instrumentalized youth.

Below are two stories about high school and university students creating a tempest in a tea cup, in the name of racial sensitivity:



Why are we providing the name of professors involved in N-word sagas in those articles, by the way?

In other media articles, it was mentioned that the personal address of teachers is being circulated (http://shorturl.at/fwJLW). Can you imagine? We are putting them at risk of being harassed in the safety of their own homes.

Plus, what about confidentiality, so precious to Canadians and used as an excuse in other circumstances?

To conclude this post, “I-word” is the only word that comes to Bambi’s mind.

“I” is for insanity.

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