Ms. Sophie Durocher & the silence of our PM about Mr. Samuel Paty

The silence of Mr. Trudeau about the decapitation of Mr. Samuel Paty (teacher) is not only non-supportive of France, it is also insulting to this country (and indirectly to freedom in our world).

Bambi has also noticed the silence of our PM, even on the “International Day of Teachers”, as you can read below in the French tweet of Ms. Durocher (journalist in Québec) where Mr. Trudeau thoughtfully wished teachers around the world a happy day and participated in a related event.

As a former teacher, a devoted dad, and as a compassionate human being, what do you have to say about this tragedy Mr. Trudeau?

As the PM of a “multicultural country”, you could have said something human whilst also reminding us that we must not amalgamate Muslims (the majority; GOOD people!) with Islamists (the minority BUT radicals… Yes “truly-far”-radicals terrorizing both non-Muslims AND Muslims in the name of religion).

As the head a country, which is a member of NATO, perhaps you are doing work (with Turkey) behind the scenes. Who knows? If so, thank you.

Who knows? Your silence could be perhaps because you are scared of Islamists deep in side… If so, it is normal to feel that way, Mr. Trudeau: They are scary indeed!

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