Isn’t it shocking to learn from Ms. Sheila Gunn Reid (for Rebel News) that our federal government, under the (lack of) leadership of Mr. Trudeau, has used our tax money to work against democracy in Canada?

Democracy is known as a political system with institutions that is supposed to allow citizens to hold/express their political preferences, to have limitations on the power of the executive (to avoid abuses), and to guarantee their civil liberties.

What is Mr. Trudeau doing? He is not allowing Canadians to express their political preferences (if not for his political party). Plus, whether he fully realizes or not, he is using our own tax money to let radical groups do the dirty job of monitoring us. In addition, he is using public money to silence a new legal political party (i.e., PPC). Is this normal and how would this provide a guarantee for our civil rights?

Stated differently, how is this different from using public money to fund his own party? He is using public funds to eliminate the competition. In Bambi’s mind, this is worse that the WE “Charity” scandal. This is a democratic scandal.

Bambi is asking this question, regardless of the political party and regardless of any political preference at a particular point in time.

As a former Liberal voter who truly believes in democracy, she is shocked.

Aren’t you too?

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