Why is Mr. Erdogan (of Turkey) projecting his own poor mental state on France’s President?

We learned from La Presse today (English Google translation here: http://shorturl.at/kvzP3) that Mr. Erdogan is criticizing Macron’s attitude toward Muslims in France. He even “urged him to get treated” for “his insanity“. Can you imagine the irony and the low level of our world leaders?

First, as we say in good French: “De quoi je mêle Monsieur Erdogan :)?” It means: “why don’t you mind your own business, Mr. Erdogan?”

Second, and as reported in the translated text from La Presse, Mr. Erdogan said on TV:

All that can be said of a head of state who treats millions of members of different religious communities in this way is: go for mental health examinations first“.

He even added: “Macron needs to be treated” and “What problem does the individual named Macron have with Islam and with Muslims?”

Mr. Erdogan also criticized France for supporting Armenia (as per the article above).

As a reminder, we are talking about the same “neo-Sultan” of a country that still did not recognize what it did to the Armenians and is now participating in a war against them. Just imagine Germany doing something similar to the Jews of Israel… Would the world accept it? So why is our world silent to what is happening to the Armenian people?!

What is more shocking to Bambi, although not surprising, is not Mr. Erdogan stupid words… it is rather the stupid journalism of our country (+ in North America) where we read in the same article: “This dispute comes on top of a long list of disagreements between Mr. Macron and his Turkish counterpart, who regularly defends Muslim minorities around the world.”

Yesterday, the Washington Post published an article by a certain Dr. James McCauley (with a PhD in French history!) entitled “Instead of fighting systemic racism, France wants to ‘reform Islam’ “. He even used the term “white French” in it 🙂 (as if the American racialism applies to France too now): https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/macron-france-reform-islam-paty/2020/10/23/f1a0232c-148b-11eb-bc10-40b25382f1be_story.html.

Mr. Macron does not want to reform Islam, contrary to all the articles by so-called journalists of our stupid times. He wants to address Islamist radicalism in France and protect its citizens, including its Muslims. We all know it, especially the latter.

The leftist alliance with Islamism is dangerous. It can backfire one day. One must only look at what happened in Iran during its revolution, as an example. Of course, no country is immune, including Lebanon (with influences from Iran, Turkey, or Saudi Arabia…) and of course, it does not matter what type of Islamism it is (or other words ending with “ism” by extension).

Islamism has become more than just a small threat to democracy, freedom of expression, and life in France. Indeed, this is like a war of visions of life. It is not normal to see French teachers terrorized and self-censoring themselves to avoid being decapitated like what happened to Mr. Samuel Patty :(.

Mr. Macron seems to be far from being a stupid man. He knows the difference between words ending with “ia” like Islamophobia and words ending with “ism” like Islamism. So are Muslims of France, Mr. Erdogan, rest assured.

Sadly, many of us in Canada (especially in English Canada) seem to have lost key historical and civilizational reference points.

Plus there is this reality, which was well put by Mr./Dr. Mathieu Bock Côté in a TVA TV discussion (at La Joute, including Mr. Thomas Mulcair) on the word racist (the saga of the professor at the University of Ottawa…): «On est victime de l’accouplement morbide du racialisme américain et du multiculturalisme canadien». It means: “We are victims of the morbid coupling of American racialism and Canadian multiculturalism“. It was refreshing to watch Mr. Thomas Mulcair (former leader of the NDP), a calm and deep thinker. What a contrast with his succeeder, Mr. Jagmeet Singh, who seems to be more like a man of his time [a shallow (yet theatrical) thinker].

You may think what is the link with France and why is Bambi bringing this up? Well, it all has to do with it. It is about control. It is about inducing fear in the mind of people (a teacher in the story above). The terror in France is just a radical method to achieve the same goal: Silence people. Of course, thank God, it is not comparable in terms of criminality. Yet, make no mistake. Fear does not need a real decapitation to overwhelm hearts and minds.

To come back to the topic of this post, if you want to be fair to all and truly prevent racism or words ending with “ia” (like Islamophobia), you have to apply respect as a principle to everyone, including the majority of a country. Yes, for sure, any minority needs to be protected but the minority of the minority (the radicals of a minority group) need to be pushed back by our leaders… same for those agitating them from abroad (Turkey and other), especially when decapitation is on the menu!

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