He may be called “divisive” at home, but he is doing miracles in the Middle East

First, here is the news of Sudan and Israel normalizing their relationship:


Israel has never been a piece of cake in the Middle East.

Arab countries and populations have long feared and hated it, and vice versa.

Mr. Trump is surely an “orange show man”, knowing how to time his successes.

Regardless of all this, this is a historic moment, even if the Palestinians are not rejoicing.

Recently, Sudan rejected Islamism and this is another historic moment for this country and for the whole region.

Now, it has made peace with the USA. It is even compensating the innocent American victims of terror.

People may say that tough pandemic times are bringing former enemies together, and this is not an achievement by Mr. Trump’s administration.

Regardless of what they may say, if he keeps surprising us with peace deals like that, Bambi will consider nominating him for the Nobel Peace Prize of 2021, whether he will re-elected or not ?.

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