Mr. Richard Martineau: “Justin: le sens de la famille” [“Justin: the sense of family”]

Below is a quick translation of a sarcastic article by Mr. Richard Martineau published in the Journal de Montréal :):

Before reading it, Bambi has been reflecting about conflicts of interests and corruption in the past year, especially in the Lebanese context and its tragic economic consequences. Her question to herself has been the following: Was is worse in life? Political corruption or stupidity? She came to the conclusion that the latter may be more damaging to a society in the longer term (even if the people of Lebanon may not all agree about who is being stupid in their country… and despite their shared suffering from corruption). Imagine when both corruption and stupidity are combined, used to hide behind or to manipulate, etc. A dangerous mix!

Anyhow, you may say. Well, this is the third most indebted country with much challenges. This is not us (mind you, we are much indebted now!). What is Bambi talking about? Well, this reflection applies anywhere, even when there are more benefits to gain or more at stake in larger and richer countries. Plus, there is something called human nature in life.

Indeed, we would be swimming in total denial, if we think that we are immune to such issues (of corruption or stupidity) in Canada or elsewhere else. Actually, in Bambi’s non-expert citizen opinion, we should be more mindful about this in Canada, especially in our times when all the mainstream media articles seem to go in a single direction (no diversity of opinions like in Lebanon, imagine the irony!). Is this normal in a democracy?

Mr. Martineau would have likely not been able to publish his reflections in other media, which receive benefits from our federal government. The Journal de Montréal is one of the rare ones where you read opinions and others contrary to it, one next to the other. This is why Bambi enjoys reading this newspaper. Mind you, it is also one of the rare Canadian media where readers can still comment (contrary to the CBC and many others). The same is still true for the Lebanese media, thankfully and once again ironically. Isn’t it?

Of course, sometimes there are no bad intentions in our leaders, just some misjudgment or incompetence (especially when having to take fast decisions). However, how many times can we use this same argument to justify the behaviour of the same person or a same group, pandemics times or not?

Bambi is writing all this without having anything against Mr. Trudeau himself or his party for whom she has voted SO MANY times in her life thus far. Luckily, she opened her eyes and already shared that she did not vote for Mr. Trudeau the second time. For that, she is proud, even if she recognizes his good performance from time to time, especially lately (ex. on the international scene on a couple of occasions, in some internal affairs as well, etc.). Of course, it is never easy to govern. So imagine, in a pandemic (even if the latter can be conveniently used for political reasons). Of course, she also recognizes the talent in his party (and in all our other parties and independent MPs). She also observes increasingly “illuminated” people, especially in his party but also across parties and in our society. There is nothing wrong with being illuminated for sure, as long as we keep using our brain (SOS! Critical sense is badly needed).

Perhaps what matters the most here is to prevent future conflicts of interest, with all our MPs? Bambi listened to Mr. Blanchet yesterday (BQ). He spoke at the Parliament (she saw his short yet sharp statement on his own Twitter account). He presented four simple yet good ideas… but did anyone listen?

She also listened to the competent Mr. Pierre Poilievre (CPC). She then listened to Mr. Trudeau et al. and read about the positions of the Greens and of the NDP. Interesting political drama all this. Yet, no imminent change. If there is one day an election, will Canadians vote for the same old again? Most likely… but time will tell (she can hear her spouse’s words in her ears now: “We get the government we deserve“; he means “whom we elect“).

Bambi will stop… OK, here is Mr. Martineau’s sarcastic article for some fun.


“No matter what you say about Justin, you have to recognize him as a great quality.

This man takes care of his family and friends!

He takes care of them very much. Not a day goes by without him pampering, pampering, pampering them!


Look at the legalization of the pot, whose second anniversary we are celebrating these days – in a big cloud of smoke.

Who gets rich with this legalization? Who do we find in the organizational charts of the big players in this new industry?

Members of the great liberal family!

This is generosity!

We imagine our beautiful Justin, on the phone with his acolytes. “Do you feel like putting butter on both sides of your toast, folks?” Well, I have a note for you. Just one. Pot. Place your pawns well, I come up with a bill that will allow you to pass Go by collecting the pot … “

On the one hand, you allow young people to legally freeze their bones while you are in debt for the rest of their lives.

On the other hand, you spoil your boyfriends!

Isn’t that beautiful?

Another example of the magnanimity of our PM: the Aga Khan.

The man is all alone on his island and is bored to die. He calls his chum Justin to ask him if he won’t come for a walk.

Justin could have replied, “Come on, Aga, I’m the prime minister of the country, you know I don’t have time!” “

Well no!

Our PM didn’t hesitate for two seconds, and said, “Are you bored, Aga? Don’t be afraid, I’ll take my “Mille Bornes” game and arrive with all my family! We send the bill to taxpayers! “

This is a faithful friend!

And when it came time to award a $ 43 million contract to an organization to run one of its many aid programs, whom did our beautiful Justin pick, eh? Whom?

The first to come?


His friends at WE Charity, who had given contracts to his mother, brother and wife!

That is having memory! That is to be grateful!


And yesterday, our Bureau of Inquiry told us that Justin’s government helped another member of the big Liberal family by awarding a $ 237 million contract to a former MP (

Without a call for tenders!

Justin could have awarded this lucrative contract to another company that would have manufactured medical ventilators for less. Canada could thus have saved $ 100 million!

Did our PM do it? No!

He preferred to favor his friend’s business!

Even if it will cost us more!

To hell with the expenses: friends first!

With friends like Justin, you never get confused!


And what are the Conservatives doing during this time?

They criticize Justin! They call him to account!

While our PM is perhaps the most generous politician in all of our history!

Mr. O’Toole, you should be ashamed of yourself!

We all dream of having a friend like Justin!”

Cartoon by Mr. Yannick Lemay (YGreck) taken from the Journal de Québec

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