Why is the CBC indoctrinating our kids and fuelling both racism and stupidity with our own tax money?

She does not know about you, but Bambi is fed up to read/hear the term “systemic racism”. It is repeated over and over in our media, like a mantra… Thankfully not at all on her Lebanese-American internet radio from LA (no politics is their philosophy—only fun music and entertainment ?).

Just for her own fun, Bambi googled “systemic racism” and she got “10,200,000” hits (she did this on October 9, 2020 at 8:30 PM in Atlantic time).

She did that after discovering the video shown further below; accidentally (dated: June, 2020). It is trying to explain to kids a concept called “white privilege” (as if privilege had a colour).

How absurd. How superficial. How dangerous.

Sad to live in our times of collective obsession with one concept after the other.

Yesterday, it was climate change. Today, it is systemic racism.

Is the latter what replaced the former?

And, once again, why the lack of refined thought in our approach to a topic as serious as racism?

Is this new obsession a form of our collective societal insanity?

This is a dangerous obsession. Indeed, it can eventually lead to hate (self- and within a society). It can fuel resentment and maybe even racism, despite any good intention.

Aren’t we enough divided already?

Needless to say that Bambi is not saying this because there is no racism or no discrimination in life and in our societies. Yes, sadly, some of us have been historically and even currently mistreated. Who can deny it? But why the blahblahblah?

Actions are like how the government of Québec immediately fired the nurse at the Joliette hospital to give a clear message that what she did is UNACCEPTABLE.

Actions are like those of our Federal Minister Marc Miller who seems to genuinely care for his Indigenous citizens:  (https://globalnews.ca/news/7386336/coronavirus-marc-miller-indigenous/).

When she reads the above, Bambi sees logic, actions/reactions, etc.

When she listens to the video below, she pauses and thinks to herself (and she will share with you): Yes, three recurrent miscarriages are far from being fun. Despite this, Bambi feels thankful to life because she does not have kids who are now watching the CBC Kids ?.

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