Bravo to the UN’s World Food Bank for its well deserved Nobel Peace Prize!

Among 318 candidates (211 individuals and 107 organizations), the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize went to the UN’s World Food Bank program. Bravo to this program… and thank you!

Bravo to our Canadian programs too. Mind you, here locally in our “Sweet Little Sackville” (NB) we have a wonderful food bank that helps many families in need. Bambi’s friend, Mr. Demian Hammock, is a volunteer who devotes time and energy (along with his fellow volunteer peers). She would like to take this opportunity to thank him for all what he does to our community and for his thoughtful insights (and actions!) on social issues.

To conclude this post on the UN’s World Food Bank program, here is a video about their work in Beirut following the explosion of August 4th, 2020. This is just one example of a country in desperate need of support. Imagine all the other places that this program is helping around the world. Imagine the challenges of travels during a pandemic. Imagine all the volunteers’ hours of hard labour, whether on the ground or travelling from abroad. To all of you: THANK you!

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