Iran nominated to Nobel Peace Price 2020 by… Bambi!

The World Health Organization (WHO), Greta Thunberg, and Ms. Jacinda Arden are among those nominated for the Nobel Peace Price 2020:

Well, let’s start with Ms. Jacinda Arden first, Bambi thinks highly of this politician and likes her too… and no, it is not because she is a woman or a socialist. It is because, contrary to others, she has a brain and a heart; she knows how to use both! Bambi has never been to New Zeeland herself (only by proxy…) but she tends to think that its model of socialism, more tailored to it and more practical, seems to be working well. It is even inspiring! Perhaps Ms. Arden deserves a peace prize for her humanity post-tragedy of the mosque? And for other reasons too?

Second, Bambi does not understand the link between the WHO and peace.

The WHO is about heath.

The WHO is supposed to simply be doing its job…. mind you, it failed to do it properly at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic (allowing itself to be corrupted by China’s influence, which delayed the official declaration of the pandemic). How did we forget about this? Anyhow, since then, it has improved its response thankfully.

Third, Ms. Greta Thunberg clearly deserves the MOST prestigious award for her ecological concerns, namely for wanting the best for our planet. What an incredible advocate! Despite this, Bambi does not see the relevance to peace. Do you see it? If so, please explain it to Bambi.

Maybe Bambi is missing something. Perhaps because she is biased by the following: For having grown up during civil war, she does not like it when youth (especially vulnerable ones, despite their incredible talent) are being used in causes or by movements. There is something toxic to this phenomenon, despite any noble cause. In other terms, the story of Greta is like a double-edged sword: On one hand, Bambi salutes her talent/passion. On the other hand, she does not like how she has been “weaponized”. Indeed, she worries about her well-being and mental health… and the well-being of our increasingly radicalized youth too, mind you.

Anyhow, this post is not about the candidates above. As per the title, this post is about Iran. Bambi would like to officially nominate this country for a peace prize.

Yes, congratulations to Iran because it succeeded in achieving peace in the Middle East! With its constant nasty behaviour (wars by proxy, etc.), it pushed Israel and many countries of the Arab world into each others’ arms! What an achievement for the Middle East!!!! Indeed, Bambi has never ever dared to dream to see anything that looks like peace among these entities. She thought this would happen only when her grand-children will die (OUPS… she does not have kids :)!)!

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