Two songs for Armenia: The first was composed/sang by Mr. Ghassan Rahbani in 2007 (in both Arabic and Armenian). The second is a surprise from Bambi to her mother-in-law!

Bambi just discovered this moving song whilst working, thanks to her internet Mount Lebanon radio from Los Angeles.

Composed/sang by Mr. Ghassan Rahbani, the song commemorates the Armenian genocide (yes that same ugly historic tragedy that Turkey still refuses to acknowledge).

The song, which is entitled “We Live Here”, states in both Arabic and Armenian the following: “We will live here, we will die here; together we will build you up. We love the homeland with our heart and soul—we are the Armenians and we are Lebanon.”

Bravo to Mr. Rahbani for his linguistic skills (i.e., good pronunciation, it seems) in Armenian.

May peace and justice prevail in Armenia (+ Lebanon!) and throughout the world.

May the final word be to LOVE. Yes, love to everyone, including those with whom we do not agree with and even to those who behave like enemies (past, current… or future ones).

May past or current enemies become partners in humanity.

Here is the first song that Bambi dedicates to all her friends whose heart is aching for/with Armenia… all of you (= us), perhaps especially to you Diana.

To conclude this post on a lighter note, Bambi will now dedicate the second song called “Karoun Yerevan” (or “Spring in Yerevan“) to her multi-talented mother-in-law :). Bravo Bernadette for having learned this Armenian song in your younger years. Bambi is impressed, especially that it was taught to you by Mr. Charles Aznavour’s own sister!!

P.S: If you are curious about the link between Armenia and Québec-Canada? Well, Bernadette is a former professional ballet dancer! Her ballet professor was of Armenian origins…This is how Yerevan’s spring spread across the miles to enrich Montreal.

4 thoughts on “Two songs for Armenia: The first was composed/sang by Mr. Ghassan Rahbani in 2007 (in both Arabic and Armenian). The second is a surprise from Bambi to her mother-in-law!”

  1. Dear Bambi,
    There is no word to express my gratitude to you !!
    You should have seen me while I listened to these two songs !! Thank you Mr. Ghassan Rahbani. That’s the truth !!. Wow I’am very amazed how your mother-in-law Bernadette learned this beautiful Armenian song, very happy and proud to hear this Bravo !!
    As you said may peace and justice prevail all over the world. We should live in love and peace. “A Peace to End All war– Peace”.
    Hopefully soon we will visit Armenia together 🙂
    Thank you for your love and support Bambi !! Bambine 🙂

    1. Now it is Bambi’s turn to be moved and honoured. Thank you for taking the time to write a comment Diana. Thanks for “Bambine” (= “I am Bambi”, in Armenian), which is Bambi’s childhood nickname. This makes Bambi think of her friend Nina’s mom (may she rest in peace…). She used to call and ask her in the 2-3 sentences she knows in Armenian if she can speak to her friend Nina (hence the “I am Bambi”). This nickname makes Bambi also think of her friends Rita and Nayla… and of course of her family, especially Roula. Well, to all of you, she will say: Yes, one day, the spring will return to both Beirut and Yerevan. The spring of peace, love, and prosperity. Travelling with you to Armenia is a dream… one day “inchallah” as they say in Arabic! As for Bambi’s mother-in-law, indeed BRAVO to Bernadette!!!

      1. Bambi should never thank me for my time. As if I will thank Bambi I’am sure the book will finish and I will not be able to thank enough !!
        Rest in peace to Nina’s mom.
        Dream will be true one day and Bambi will post the picture :))
        Regards to all of them,

        1. Thanks Diana for your sweet words about Bambi and your respectful words about Nina’s mom. She sadly left too soon… The good recent news is that her dad survived the Beirut explosion, just like Bambi’s parents (not like the unlucky 21 people who died at the nearby hospital and the 14 outside of it– on their streets). As you wrote too, peace and only peace/love and only love must prevail. Enough of stupidity in our world. People have a pandemic to deal with. They have an economic crisis before/after the pandemic. They do not need to have to deal with surrealistic explosions on top of that. In Armenia, people do not not need a deadly (and unjust) war!!!

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