When Ms. Kamala Harris “vows to keep supporting the brilliance of the Black Lives Matter movement”, is she fake due to obsession to get to the top or is she simply being unwise?

This post is not about Mr. Trump as there are too many articles making fun of him or hating him, especially in our Canadian media. Mind you, he makes the journalists’ job easier with his ill judgment and narcissistic traits. This being said, even narcissists know how to work for the best interests of their country. So, it is not up to Bambi to judge whether he deserves a second mandate or not. This is the job of American voters ?.  

Bambi just knows that she loves our neighbouring country. She would like to keep seeing it existing, free, and as strong as possible (especially after its tough times during the pandemic). She would like to see it re-united and re-inventing itself (post-elections), whether Mr. Trump or Mr. Biden wins.

Countries are larger than a President. Countries come first and are above any man or woman serving as the President. Plus, if the USA falls, we all fall with it so to speak (especially us in Canada, much smaller and less influential at the world stage).

To come back to Ms. Kamala, we learn from a recent article (https://thehill.com/blogs/in-the-know/in-the-know/519884-kamala-harris-covers-elle-magazines-november-issue) that she endorses the Black Lives Matter movement. She even calls BLM “a brilliant” movement.

Should we worry about her authenticity as a politician? Or should we worry about the wisdom of her political judgement?

We are not talking about any citizen here free to endorse any movement, even the ones that could be communist, financed by we do not know whom, and/or potentially violent (as we have seen in numerous cities).  

We are talking about the potential future VP of the USA (perhaps even the President if Mr. Biden wins and loses his life after, may God forbid). Thus, is it wise to align herself with BLM like that, even if it will allow her to gain a substantial number of votes now?

This is identity politics pushed to a dangerous level of hypocrisy and risk to public safety.

Mr. Trump may be gross, weird, or just horrible, but at least with him what you see is what you get. A lunatic man who can act childish but whose Administration is working as hard as it can.

As far the Democrats are concerned, sadly they seem so different from what they are supposed to be about (classical liberals). They keep on playing a risky game called racial politics. How sad.

Thank goodness Bambi is not American. No voting responsibility. This is a blessing when the choice is between two evils (for different reasons). Sorry to be too direct (Trump style ?).

Best wishes to the United States of America!

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