Have you ever met “an embryo of 100 years” who has “broken wings”?

The title of this post comes from two sources.

The first source is journalist Roula Douglas who cleverly called Lebanon “an embryo of 100 years” (in reference to the country’s 100 anniversary in its modern form).

Lebanon is indeed an embryo because it sadly seems so far away from being a mature and sustainable country. Worse. It is unclear yet if it would be compatible with life…Thus, it is 100-year-old yet unborn.

It is also an embryo because the promise of life is too fragile. Indeed, even a fully desired hope of life (i.e. a desired pregnancy) can spontaneously end during gestation, usually in the first trimester. Nothing can stop nature when it knows what it’s doing, deciding whether it would be compatible with life or not. Yet, an embryo, although VERY far from being a grown-up human being, it is definitely the most precious life project (your/our/someone’s child-to-be).

You can imagine then how much the “Lebanese embryo” is precious to a nation aspiring for security, peace, love, democracy, and prosperity. It is also precious to Lebanon’s friends in the world. Thanks for all their support!

This being said, the second source of this post’s title comes from one of the masterpieces of Mr. Gibran Khalil Gibran. It is also the title of ‘All I Longed To See’ – For The Beirut Emergency Appeal. Thank you Mary for sharing this beautiful song (in English) with Bambi this morning. What a moving talent!

In their own words… you can read:

“On August 20, the London-based team behind BROKEN WINGS, a musical based on iconic Lebanese writer Khalil Gibran’s novel of the same name, joined forces with members of the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra in Beirut. We filmed a performance of ‘All I Longed To See’. The song is a love letter to Beirut and Lebanon, and the show’s opening number”.

To conclude this post, please let Bambi share with you the mindset of the people of Lebanon right now, you can watch this short video (from an anonymous source). On the music of the Lebanese national anthem, we can read the following in Arabic: “Lebanon is 100 years now. It is sick, tired, and agonizing… but we can revive it again. We can heal it from its health problems. We can heal all its wounds. Yes, we can treat it with our voices. Its salvation comes from our revolt. This Tuesday on September the 1st, 2020 at 4 PM, let’s all meet at the Martyrs’ Square in downtown Beirut. A new Lebanon will be born again, #Anger of Great Lebanon, # I am a red line.”

Nothing more to add… just this heart from Bambi to each one of you. Be safe please!

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