Why is the “National Post” turning that silly like the rest of our mainstream media?

Bambi does not know if she should laugh or cry to an article published in the National Post, signed by Ms. Ayesha Ghaffar and entitled “‘Is it in my head?’ International students recall covert racism and gaslighting in Canada”? 

And we can read under the title: “Analysis: Young adults from around the world come to Canada to pursue their dreams. Once here, their self-esteem is often shattered”.


This article wants us to believe the following:

“Canadians are perhaps uncomfortable acknowledging the racism that is deeply embedded in their society. But if a nation is unwilling to accept it has an issue with explicit racism, the question arises: when, if ever, will it recognize covert forms of racism?”

Bambi does not know from where Ms. Ghaffar’s parents (or herself) came from. Is it from a Muslim or Arab country? Well, if so, Bambi can perhaps offer her a a little paid vacation there to de-stress from all the racism of Canada ?, both “explicit” and “covert”, to use her own words. Upon her return home, during her mandatory 14-day quarantine, perhaps she can think more critically and honestly about the issue of racism. She can also compare Canada to the rest of the world… Mmm, unless she would consider that Canada is racist for asking her to self-isolate ?.

To give you an example from the article above, the author reports an international student saying that Canadians are racist because they tell her that she has a “funny” accent. WOW, how mean. How dare them be that racist? Someone once told Bambi that people are racist (i.e., micro-aggressive) in her town in NB because they ask her where she comes from?. Can you imagine how sad and narrow-minded our society has become? Just because someone is interested in your story or your journey, we call them racist. Actually, Bambi finds it so cute when local people from her town asks her spouse (when they hear his accent, see his look, or perhaps guess well that they do not know his grand-father): “Are you from far away”? They immediately look at Bambi and ask her: “Are you from very far away”? Well, they are so clever because indeed he is from far and she is from much further away.

Please give us a break and stop imposing radical views on our society through organizations obsessed with de-funding our police services and funded by God knows whom to invade our brains and destroy our civilization (e.g., BLM and the like, etc.). Despite our issues, Canadians are among the kindest people in the world. Yes, there may be racist folks here and there (you or Bambi may be one of them, so what?) but the VAST majority are not only respectful but also adorable.

When will our mainstream media return to publishing clever and constructive articles? She does not know about you but Bambi misses reading those.

3 thoughts on “Why is the “National Post” turning that silly like the rest of our mainstream media?”

  1. Very interesting article indeed. I suspect people may have stopped applying discerning judgment when it comes to addressing and managing questions coming from others. My attitude has always been ‘if you cannot change what comes your way, change your attitude about it’

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