She said yes!

A picture by Mr. Rayan Aouda as published in The 961 & the Al Arabiya-English

This romantic yet down to earth Beiruti young man is called Rayan.

He is in love with Lutchiana.

Whilst reading the 961, Bambi learned the following (

“On the doomsday of August 4th, Rayan Aouad was with his friends in Beirut planning for the proposal that would take place the next day in Ryan’s new bistro-bar in Gemayzeh, Luva.”

“The sad truth is that I was going to propose on Aug 5th in Luva privately with a romantic dinner. Then, we would celebrate our engagement in a rooftop in downtown with our friends,” Rayan told the961

But, the mighty explosion disrupted his perfect wedding proposal… and destroyed his Luva Bistro Bar, his Va et Vient mini-market in Karantina, his parents’ house, and his home-to-be with his girlfriend”.

Well, Rayan ended up proposing to Lutchiana three weeks after the blast.

As you can see in the picture above, they both refused to give up.  Same for all the Lebanese youth who just want to live, love, and earn a living. Some are volunteering to help their fellow citizens who lost everything (see below an earlier post on Lebanese NGOs coming together as the “true” government”). Others are rushing in front of embassies to get a visa to leave their country.

To come back to Rayan, instead of asking his Lutchiana “will you marry me?”, he asked her “will you rebuild the future with me?”

Yes, was her answer. “Mabrouk”… long live their love!

May ONLY love prevail in Beirut!!

Yes love… love, justice, and peace.

NOT corruption and political stupidity. NOT criminality. NO MORE impunity!

Sadly, how can Beirutis dream of an international justice for the victims of the Beirut blast when the UN-backed Special Tribunal for Lebanon just let the victims of Mr. Rafic Hariri tribunal down, as well written by Mr. Hussam Itani?

The costs of that international tribunal were very high on Lebanon. All that public money paid since 2005 for what? Injured or killed innocent people (including Bambi’s relatives or friends) suffered for what? For whom? A country’s PM assassinated means a whole country assassinated… and this was followed by many other assassinations. For instance, Bambi can think of many great intellectuals, including Mr. Samir Kassir or Mr. Gibran Tueni to name a few, and a certain Lebanese police/detective hero called Mr. Wissam Eid ( They died for what precisely?

Anyhow, let’s end this post with what matters the most today, Rayan and Lutchiana’s love. Again, congrats/Mabrouk. Be safe please and thank you for still dreaming of building a new Lebanon!

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