Covid-19: Bravo NB… & thank you Canada!

To begin with, it is reassuring to see how thorough our province has been during the covid-19 pandemic from day 1. All in all, well done. Thank you!

Well, this evening, Bambi got a personal proof of our seriousness, as a province, when it comes to public health. Why is she saying so? Because a competent and kind RCMP police officer knocked on their door to check if her spouse was in quarantine. As Bambi told him: “Merci Monsieur le policier”/”Thank you Sir” for taking care of our public health and safety“.

Well, of course, her spouse has been at home since his return from a long trip abroad. Not only him actually. She has been quarantining with him to avoid introducing the virus (if any) to anyone in our town, province, and Maritime bubble.

One must also add here that usually her spouse gets from the airport in a minute or so (whist she waits for him in the car). This time, it took a MUCH longer time because of a screening interview. So, again, well-done.

Those who read this blog regularly may recall that Bambi has criticized Canada big time at the beginning of the pandemic for their delayed response at our airports and with many other issues, namely some bad decisions like getting rid of our emergency personal protective equipment (PPE), etc. This being said, our federal government managed to catch up over time (as mentioned in another post).

Today, according to Bambi, our federal government is doing a great job! The latter is the case, even with Canada’s choice of not performing mandatory testing to all travellers like in other countries, including New Zealand or… even tiny bankrupt, corrupt, and stateless Lebanon. Another proof of Canada’s great job is an email sent by the federal government to her spouse (in NB) and cousin (in QuĂ©bec) to remind them to stay at home. Thanks for this follow-up.

To conclude this post, once again, bravo NB and well-done Canada. Despite our serious national issues, we remain a beautiful country/province to live in. Bambi is saying so, even without any comparison to other less fortunate places. So, imagine with a comparison :)! This being said, let’s always aim for the best.

Until the end of this pandemic (with a vaccine), we have all the reasons to be proud of our NB and of our good public health strategies. Bambi loves our province in both normal and in pandemic times (OK, she is saying so whilst being eager for our whole planet to get rid of covid-19 :)).

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