“Basecamp: The Real Government”…”by the people for the people”

Bambi would like to thank Ms. Roula Douglas for sharing this inspiring and reassuring video from Beirut. Bravo to Basecamp for their incredible initiative (“the Real Government” indeed)!

In their own words…

Not all heroes wear capes. A group of NGO’s and volunteers joined forces to achieve what the Lebanese government failed to do! “By the people, For the people”.

Special thank you to the heroes: @minteshreen @muwatinlebnene @baytna_baytak @embrace_lebanon @toters_delivery (a leading Lebanese delivery app operating in the region) PS: The Real Government includes other NGO’s and groups who have done a fantastic job raising funds and helping after this disaster Location?Trainstation Mar Mkhael Honorable mentions @lebaneseredcross @shaabemasouleyati @offre.joie @sealforlebanon @impact.lebanon @caritas_lebanon @nationstation__ On Aug 4, a devastating explosion in Beirut killed more than 200 people, injured more than 7,000, and left 300,000 homeless. ❗Help us share and spread the words. #talkaboutlebanon#el3ama#beirut#prayforlebanon#prayforbeirut#basecamp#lebanon?? #lebanon @cnn @beckycnn @bbcnews @bbcarabic @aljazeeradocumentary @aljazeeraenglish @miakhalifa @cnnarabic”.

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