Isn’t he ugly without clothes?

Emperor Trudeau II has no clothes and he is ugly, at least in Bambi’s eyes. This remains the case, with or without a Parliament’s prorogation (

As for Mr. Pierre Poilievre, he keeps on impressing Bambi (interesting to listen to in both languages). Who knows? He may be one of our best Canadian politicians…

Once again, and obviously, Mr. Trudeau should resign. Actually, what is he still waiting for?

Mmm, after reading the above tweet, Bambi came to the following sarcastic conclusion, which was also made as a joke by a loved one: “It is not the police that should be defunded, it is rather the CBC” :). Seriously, Mr. Bernier is right on this one (other sarcastic words):

In all honesty, as a citizen, Bambi does not care if Ms. Freeland is a woman or not (mind you, she does not know about you, but she recalls well how/why our PM lost two highly competent women in his cabinet…). In Bambi’s mind, what matters the most is the qualities of integrity and competency, instead of sex or gender per se (or ethnolinguistic background, religion like in other countries, etc.). Competency could be refined on the job. As for integrity, you have to develop it by a certain age. In Bambi’s non-expert citizen’s opinion, independence of mind is perhaps the key quality here, as it is related to both integrity and competency.

As a reminder, Mr. Bernier was not re-elected. When you are authentic, you remain principled whether in power or not. Interestingly too, Mr. Poilievre is not running for the leadership of his party (too bad his own party leader drinks too much milk :)). Seriously, this may make them both more lucid in their own ways.

More seriously, as a classical liberal and as a former Liberal voter for most of her life, Bambi is very disappointed yet not surprised. After all, it is Mr. Trudeau’s third ethical conflict of interest, neither the first nor the second.

The current saga reminds Bambi of the old bad taste of a Liberal scandal that made her vote for the NDP, perhaps 16 years ago (i.e., the sponsorship scandal). All this is disgusting and it harms the reputation of other excellent Liberal Ministers, MPs, and their staff. Too bad!

Thankfully, as shared in another post, Bambi did not vote for Mr. Trudeau the second time. For her, once was more than enough. Thus, if our PM survives the WE charity scandal saga, she can comfort herself with her own lucidity. The latter can be even more comforting… in case of a fourth Trudeau’s conflict of interest :).

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