How could they not tell them?!

Thank you BBC for this news piece about the firefighters killed in the Beirut explosion.

The top political Lebanese authorities literally sent them to death…

Yes, no one told them what product was stored at the Beirut seaport when they went to extinguish the first fire. Can you imagine?

Furthermore, there were about 20 LONG minutes between the second and third (apocalyptic) explosion. Despite this, they did not tell them!

Clearly, they prevented them from the possibility of securing the area, from getting more support (police, army, etc.). They could have even told Beirut citizens to stay away of their windows, and risky places, etc. Many lives could have been saved (many eyes too…).

Instead , they just told them some wheat was burning at the port… Can you imagine?

How not to feel upset by this criminal negligence?

Bambi is saying the above, regardless of whether the nearly 3,000 tonnes of ammonium nitrate (more or less, who cares?) were “forgotten” at the seaport (for 6 years) OR were being used for civil purposes (e.g., agriculture) OR… meant for another type of agriculture, namely related to seeds of terror.

We may never know the truth… without an international investigation.

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