Did Hezbollah ship the explosive chemicals to Beirut from Iran (Die Welt)? Who knew about these chemicals AND others (MTV News)?

From the following Die Welt report, we learned that Iran sent three shipments of ammonium nitrate to Beirut over the past few years:

After reading the above Die Welt article, Bambi watched a Lebanese MTV News documentary online (https://www.mtv.com.lb/en/#). It seems that more explosive chemicals were found on the site of the seaport explosion by both Lebanese and foreign experts: Ammonium nitrate and ammonium phosphate in addition to tires, fireworks, car and bike engines, a lot of vegetable oil, and a LARGE amount of coffee. In addition to the latter, some items were not declared in official paperwork such as: Methanol, more ammonium nitrate (of another source than the above) and a large quantity of vegetable oil.

Some of these simple ingredients are suspected to be bomb-making material (e.g., the coffee, etc.), according to an expert guest on MTV.

Who is to blame for all this, besides Hezbollah? Who knew about the dangerous chemicals and shut their eyes to public danger? These individuals, whomever they are, are all partners in the crime.

Who should resign… AND walk straight to jail, after this criminal negligence?

Will Lebanon finally reform itself after the surrealistic tragedy?!

So many questions… BUT, once again, no answers without an international (transparent and independent) investigation!

Until then, here are the latest SAD news from Beirut in pictures…

His name is Elias. He died at age 15 after having struggled to survive in the intensive care for two weeks. Bambi’s parents know his family/him. They are heart-broken, as you can imagine (they go to the same nearby church). What a beautiful picture taken from: https://www.imlebanon.org/2020/08/20/elias-khoury1/ .

There is nothing more heart-breaking than this picture ☹ (also taken from: https://www.imlebanon.org/2020/08/20/elias-khoury1/). Bambi’s heart goes to Elias’ family and friends. She is also sending her positive vibes/prayer to Father Justinianos whose own spouse is recovering from a second surgery (arm badly injured).

Another sad picture taken from: https://www.imlebanon.org/2020/08/20/elias-khoury1/. People are wearing white, not black, in order to honour Elias (as a youth or a young groom, so to speak), not as a dead young body, no (hence the white coffin)!

Elias’ classmates carrying his coffin. As his Jesus & Mary High School principal said it: “He graduated too soon”.

Mr. Alaa El Mohammad (31-year-old) escaped war in Syria. He thought he was safe in Beirut but he sadly lost his spouse (28-year-old). He drove her coffin to the border and returned to the hospital. Two of his three daughters are critically injured, if Bambi recalls this family’s story well. In this picture, he seems to be reading El Fatiha (a beautiful prayer). How will he find the strength to tell his daughters that they lost their mom, asks journalist Roula Douglas?

         Good-bye day to Mr. Ghassan Hasrouty as well… May they both rest in peace!

Yes, good-bye Elias. The picture reads: “Elias Khoury, our smile that went away”. A picture taken from:  https://www.imlebanon.org/2020/08/20/elias-khoury1/ (or was it from # Pray for Beirut?).

Well said… thanks and bravo too!

Bambi posted the story of Ralph earlier (a son, a brother, a soccer fan, sadly one of Beirut’s first victims… and heroes!). Good-bye to him too.

Lebanon’s youth deserve a country that is better governed!

Indeed, this picture killed Bambi… “Bon courage” Karlen!

That was a beautiful gesture indeed!

Good bye Joe… and thank you!

Here is Ralph again… good-bye and many thanks!

This is Sahar with her fiancé. Sadly, we can also see him getting close to her coffin (perhaps trying to touch her for the last time). He is being carried on the shoulders of his loved ones, just like in a wedding (they were supposed to get married next year). As a reminder, Sahar was the courageous paramedic with the team of Beirut firefighters. Thanks to her too!

This last picture speaks for itself…

What a sad chapter of Lebanon’s history. May healing and hope prevail, day after day!

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