PPC: A young yet financially reasonable federal party

Here is a CBC article by Mr. Éric Grenier featuring the People’s Party of Canada (PPC) established by Mr. Maxime Bernier:


Like the Bloc Québécois , and unlike all the other federal parties, “the PPC did not participate in the wage subsidy program“. Whether you agree with their respective ideas (platforms) or not, it tells you that these parties seem to be principled.

The article also talks about how this party manages its finances and salaries. Again, this seems quite reasonable to Bambi. If you see something she is missing in this article, please feel free to comment.

As far as Bambi is concerned, she had wished Lebanon had more financially reasonable political parties and politicians like Mr. Maxime Bernier… and, thankfully, like many of our decent public servants who exist across parties and at all levels of governance. Sadly, this is not the case in Beirut. Despite all the talents and skills in the population, the mafia-like political leaders (from the era of civil war) do not seem to show signs of reforms, even after the surrealistic tragedy of Beirut seaport!

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