Beirut explosions: Thank you Rai Singer Cheb Khaled for your new single”Her name is Beirut”!

In four days only, the talented Algerian “King of Rai” ( completed a new single for Beirut entitled “Elle s’appelle Beyrouth“!

His new song, filled with heartfelt emotions expressed in both French and Arabic on an oriental music, moved Bambi’s heart in the middle of the night (yes, she did listen to this beautiful song of hope shared by her sister Roula whilst sleeping). How could she not be deeply touched hearing him singing: “I have heard the tears of Lebanon; On the cedar, the sap of blood… ”.

This new single literally means “Her name is Beirut′′ and features the talented Rodge (!/pages/artist-single).

All profits will be donated to the Lebanese Red Cross.

THANK YOU “Cheb Khaled” (whose nickname literally means “Young Khaled”)!!

As very well written by Mr. Christophe Levent in “Le Parisien” in his article entitled “Her name is Beirut: Khaled sings hope for Lebanon’s capital” [«Elle s’appelle Beyrouth»: Khaled chante l’espoir pour la capitale du Liban”,]:

“In Arabic and French, for the chorus, on music with necessarily oriental accents, the single was produced under the influence of the immense emotion felt by the “king of Raï”. “I was very touched, bruised by this disaster. I lost my smile. I have often gone to sing in Beirut since 1993. I have seen this destroyed city rebuild after the war. I like this country. I have a lot of musician friends there… So seeing the images of destruction again, homeless people in the street, it hurts. I wanted to do something to help them,”he says.

This cry from the heart, Khaled considers it first of all a message of hope and support. “It is the role of the artist, of the music to bring a little joy to life. Don’t let people sink into sadness. But I know the Lebanese and I have a lot of admiration for them: they never give up. Even without roofs, they are still able to smile. This city will be rebuilt. I also understand their anger: sometimes, as it happened in Algeria, the people have reasons to yell”.

The Beirut explosions took place on August, 4, 2020. They resulted in about 180 death thus far whilst injuring 6,500+. There are 30 citizens still missing and about 300,000 families made homeless. The total damage costs amounted to at least $15 billion (as of August 12, 2020).

Once again, many thanks to Khaled as well as Rodge!

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