“Li Beirut”…

Bambi would like to thank her sister Roula for sharing this artistic video.

It shows Beirut, with its port explosion… The latter is its tragic reality and an integral part of the unfolding story in front of our hopeless eyes.

Li Beirut” is a famous song by Fairuz and here is a quick translation:

“A greeting from my heart to Beirut.

Kisses to the sea and to the houses.

To a rock, which is like an old sailor’s face.

She is made from the people’s soul and from wine.

She is made from their sweat, from bread, and jasmine.

So how does her taste become? A taste of fire and smoke.

Beirut has a glory of ashes.

My city has turned out her lamp.

By a child’s blood, who was over her hand.

She shut her door and became alone in the sky.

Alone with the night.

You are mine, you are mine.

Oh hug me, you are mine.

You are my flag, tomorrow’s stone.

And a travel’s waves.

My people’s wounds have flourished.

And mothers’ tears.

You are mine, you are mine.

Oh hug me” .

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