ITV: “The nurse who saved the three premature babies during the blast”

Two or three days ago, Bambi posted the picture of a nurse carrying three newborns. She found that picture in the Lebanese local media. Well, there is an inspiring story behind that moving picture. At the end of this post, if you are interested, you can watch a short interview with this INSPIRING nurse by ITV.

The Saint George Health Centre where this neonatal nurse works (or used to work :(?) is closed now for at least a year (same for another hospital not very far from it). Can you imagine? All this the middle of the covid-19 pandemic.

Of note, the residential neighbourhood of this excellent teaching hospital (like the Toronto’s University Health Network, so to speak) has been badly damaged. It is a MAJOR loss to Beirut and Lebanon’s citizens, including Bambi’s parents, relatives, and childhood friends.

This area is located within 1 km from the site of the explosion. Some houses have been totally destroyed. Others remain without doors, windows, glasses, etc.

Remember, there is hyperinflation in Lebanon. Citizens still cannot have access to their savings at the banks. The Lebanese government is bankrupt and they did not have a Lebanese CERB (“Canadian Emergency Response Benefit“) in the pandemic, to begin with. They were already dealing with an unprecedented financial crisis, which triggered a massive protest on October17, 2019. To come back to the Beirut port explosion, many citizens were injured. Some critically. Some are still having surgeries (one of the victims, who is 17-year-old, had three surgeries thus far). Some sadly died from their injuries.

Indeed, today, Bambi was sad to hear about more friends of her siblings who lost their lives. Condolences to Roula and Gladson who paid their tribute to their friend Samir today. How sad also for Ms. Hedwig Watlmans-Molier who passed away. She is the spouse of the Dutch Ambassador to Lebanon (Bambi wrote a little note in the book of condolence of the Dutch Embassy in Beirut).

Given all these losses and all the senseless destruction, you can imagine the mixed feelings of fear (during the explosion), shock, disbelief, sadness, sorrow, hopelessness, and OF COURSE anger of citizens toward their corrupt and incompetent political leaders.

Lebanon’s tragedy is a living example of how deep a country can go when there is no accountability. On one hand, you have the corruption of the political elite and on the other you have an organized militia (stronger than the official state, with its own ideological vision and deadly mindset for Lebanon). The two are lovers. They continue to sleep together. They are totally disconnected from the majority of the population, which finds itself once again caught between these two dangerous lovers.

This is the sad reality of tiny bankrupt Lebanon, regardless of the cause of the Beirut port catastrophe. Yes there is also a geopolitical harsh reality… but first, and foremost, one must look at oneself in the mirror before blaming others. Even if others have any responsibility, directly or indirectly, enough is MORE than enough. People’s bodies and lives should be a RED line for you!

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  1. This is beyond comprehension…. beyond reason… but not beyond hope. Doubt kills hope, but hope smiles at fear. To the Lebanese people, you must hang on tight. You are among the world’s most resilient people. And, it is true that resilience also has a limit… just like an elastic band, it too can break. But you cannot break. Not now. The last human freedom to go is your attitude. Cherish it with all your might for no one- not anyone, any group, any government can take it. Make your claims. Ask for what you need. People everywhere are waiting to help.

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