WE Charity: Does King Trudeau II think that Canada is Syria?

His Majesty

First, Mr. Trudeau “forgot” about our constitution and started distributing student loans (usually a provincial responsibility).

Second, after billions of expenses and public debt since Trudeau I era, Mr. Trudeau decided to pay students for their volunteering work. He even argued that the WE charity is the only program capable of administering the program ?. WE Charity would receive $19.5 million in order to administer a $900 million program meant to subsidize youth volunteering.

Third, we learn that this charity is CLOSELY related to him, to his family clan and to his political party: about $300K honoraria to his mother, brother, and spouse, in addition to the maximum donation possible to the Liberal party during his last electoral campaign.

Now, the federal government is fit again to administer the program above 🙂 but Mr. Trudeau is in trouble again… He is being investigated by the Ethics Commissioner FOR THE THIRD TIME.

Here are links in the media:



This story is worse than the older sponsorship scandal.

This story is worse than his own Aga Khan vacation scandal.

This story is worse than his own Bombardier saga.

This story is VERY serious… In addition to being a bad leader (no vision, no talent… just beautiful words and socks), Mr. Trudeau is ethically NOT fit be the PM of Canada.

If he wishes, Bambi can offer him a ticket to the “Banana Republic” of Syria :).

Seriously, Assad Junior & Asma will be happy to hang out with him.

Whilst there, he may wish to jump and visit the corrupt Lebanese politicians.

To conclude this post, he and the media should stop “favourably” comparing him to the USA (i.e., Mr. Trump). It is about time to focus on our OWN problems at home!


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