Sad, sad, and sad… What’s next for these Ethiopian workers in Lebanon?

Today, Bambi woke up to sad news (see videos below) relayed by her own sister, journalist Roula Douglas.

A woman seems to have attempted to commit suicide. Did she survive? Bambi closed her eyes and prayed for her…  In the first video, we hear the shocking lamentations of her friends (from the balcony). In the second video, we see the Lebanese Red Cross ambulance. We assume she died… but then Bambi heard that she has survived (it all depends on how she fell down… Miracles do happen). Let’s hope she will hang on to life to heal from whichever hospital bed she may be lying in now!

The tragedy is that that there is a shortage of US$ in Lebanon and there is a HUGE inflation. The whole country is suffering, sadly including this community of foreign workers ☹. They are usually paid in US money, as per their working contract. Their bosses can no longer afford to feed themselves (and them) to be able to pay their salary. Some of these bosses may have lost their humanity (who knows?) or their sanity?! So, these workers found themselves kicked out to the streets. Luckily, community organizations and big-hearted people remain there to help… even the bankrupt government did something good at one point (finding shelter for some of them).

Activists have been urging the Ethiopian government and the UN to help repatriate them!

There are about 250,000 foreign workers in Lebanon, it seems, mostly Ethiopian. Others are from other African and Asian countries.

Some activists are reporting up to two suicides per day in this group ☹. Can you imagine?

 Can someone do something PLEASE!?!

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