Ms. Sophie Durocher: “WE LOVE JUSTIN TRUDEAU” & Mr. Blanchet, BQ leader’s request

Sa Majesté

Here is Ms. Durocher’s hilarious article published today in the Journal de Montréal:

Here is a quick English translation:

“We recap

– Justin Trudeau’s wife is an ambassador for WE.

– Justin Trudeau’s wife hosts a podcast for WE.

– In one of the WE podcasts hosted by Justin Trudeau’s wife, Justin Trudeau’s wife interviews Justin Trudeau’s mother.

– Many photos on his social media show Justin Trudeau’s wife in front of a WE logo, holding a WE microphone or wearing clothes with the WE logo.

– In his first public appearance after his election, Justin Trudeau participated with his wife in a WE event.

– In March, Justin Trudeau’s mother, Justin Trudeau’s wife, Justin Trudeau’s daughter and Justin Trudeau’s half-sister went to London to participate in a WE event.

– Trudeau’s mother was paid $ 250,000 for her various conferences for WE.

– Trudeau’s brother was paid $ 32,000 for lectures he gave for WE.

And despite all that, at NO point did Justin Trudeau see that he was in a conflict of interest by entrusting WE with the mandate to manage a contract of 900 million, contract for which WE was going to put 19 million in its pockets?

Are you pulling a fast one on us?”

End of Ms. Durocher’s funny article.

Now here is Mr. Blanchet’s serious request: He is requesting that the PM steps asides, at least during the ethics investigation (as he also said in an interview with TVA News channel), leaving the “responsibilities to the deputy PM”.

Will anyone listen?

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