Mr. Joseph Facal: «It is more serious than being silly” [«Il y a plus grave qu’être niaiseux»]

First, here is Mr. Facal’ article published today in the Journal de Montréal:

Second, here is a quick translation of his sharp text:

Australian journalist Rita Panahi once said that Justin Trudeau was the Kim Kardashian of political leaders.

To be sure we understand, she added that he had the intellectual depth of a puddle of water.

The pandemic has however paid off for Justin’s popularity rating.

He went out every morning to get some fresh air and, behind his little lectern, loaded our credit card for years.

He did this by tirelessly repeating his tape: Justin knows it’s hard, but Justin assures you that the federal government will be there for you.


Then Justin pulls another rabbit out of his hat.

WE Charity would receive $ 19.5 million to administer a $ 900 million program to subsidize youth volunteering.

Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau is the ambassador for WE Charity, Justin’s mother is involved, and the two leaders, the Kielburger brothers, are generous donors to the LPC [LPC is the Liberal Party of Canada, Mr. Trudeau’s OWN political party].

This sweet deal between friends was done without tendering and confidentially [Bambi is allowing herself to add the following: Mmm… this is starting to sound a bit like Lebanon. No, not a noble comparison ☹].

Justin explains that the public service assures him that this organization was the only one able to administer this program.

Evil media obviously wanted to see the official’s memo that said that.

Friday, Justin cancels everything in disaster.

The federal public service suddenly becomes competent enough to manage this program.

Justin did not admit error. He simply deemed the case “regrettable”.

The ethics commissioner will therefore investigate Justin for the third time.

The first two times – his family vacation on the private island of a religious leader and his role in the SNC-Lavalin affair – earned him blame.

This time, let’s save the ethics commissioner’s time. Section 6.1 of the Federal Conflict of Interest Act reads as follows:

“6 (1) No public office holder shall make a decision or participate in making a decision related to the exercise of an official power, duty or function if the public office holder knows or reasonably should know that, in the making of the decision, he or she would be in a conflict of interest.”

Pretty clear, right?

To me, there is even more tiring than the fact that Trudeau is a repeat offender for ethics deviations.

The most annoying thing is this annoyance which he expresses when one does not allow oneself to fall asleep by the nobility of the cause which he proclaims.

Because it’s always like this with Justin: the virtuous knight flies to the aid of young people and all “oppressed” minorities.

As the cause is noble, everything else is unimportant, peccadilloes, and only stubborn minds could quibble.

We can’t all have his height of vision and his nobility of heart, can we?


And why does he put his feet in the dishes again and again?

Because he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, born at the third goal of life [a baseball analogy], he thinks that the usual rules only apply to you and me.

He is very much above that.

And this sufficient and pretentious arrogance is a lot more serious than his intellectual limitations”.

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