Ms. Meghan Markle is an actress, we get it… But did Prince Harry fall on his head to sound so “illuminated”?

Does Prince Harry really believe all this ? or… is he under the influence of his spouse ☹? Are they being paid to talk like that? Or perhaps no need for any pay. Virtue signalling rewards itself!

Bambi may be wrong but she bets his grand-mother, our wise Queen, may not be that proud of all this trendy narrative.

Perhaps he should have stuck to the cause of climate change (… At least it does not screw up our Western societies as much as the blahablahblah of this new lunatic ideology of “systemic racism and unconscious bias”.

By the way, did they allow the other guests to say something (Bambi had wished to hear their voices too)… or did they do all the talking themselves :)?

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