Thank you Mr. Tarek Fateh for your wisdom… but will Mr. Jagmeet Singh be humble enough to listen?

Below is a refreshing article by Mr. Tarek Fateh published yesterday in the Toronto Sun and entitled Why Jagmeet Singh needs to apologize.

It is sad for Bambi to see the increasingly poor intellectualism in our country.

In our passion for social justice, why aren’t we wise enough to rise above fanaticism and identity politics in order to foster a truly productive national debate?

Not just slogans… Not just senseless words of accusations.

Federal politicians can learn from Québec’s national debate on reasonable accommodation, for instance. Québeckers learned from it. Their politicians translated the lesson into “their” policy on secularism. Similar to what they did to protect the French language in their province.

No more cheap insults, please. No more empty words of virtue signalling.

Just a deep conversation among smart adults.

Is this too much to expect from our leaders and from ourselves, in today’ society?

Mr. Singh, please apologize to Mr. Therrien… and let’s move on.

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