“Bonne Saint-Jean” Québec [Happy national day to our “belle province”]!

There is a reason why Québec is called “la belle province”. Its slogan is “Je me souviens” (“I remember”). Pandemic times or not, Bambi will always remember and celebrate this day, praying for healthier days for this province/nation.

Québec is a wonderful part of our country and… of the world!

It is inspiring to many for having succeeded in preserving its heritage and in flourishing, at all levels, despite being a minority in North America. Bravo to Québec. Indeed, MANY francophone/phile people/places in the world, including Lebanon, look up to Québec as an inspiring example for keeping the French language alive.

For fun, below is a song by a talented singer-songwriter from France. Of note, Mr. Yves Duteil wrote this beautiful song in 2010, time at which he was the Mayor of “Précy-sur-Marne” ? (from 1989 to 2014). His song pays tribute to the French language spoken in Québec. Further below, you can hear another beautiful song, which is a sort of an (informal) national anthem of love for Québec. “Merci Monsieur” Gilles Vigneault!

Oh, one more thing, since today is also the name day of Bambi’s second cousin, she will also say: “Bonne fête Jean” to a talented young man (i.e., now a skilled pilot!), called Jeannotti as a baby, perhaps still known as Jeannot… at least by close ones ?.

All this being said, Bambi will joyfully conclude this post by singing Mr. Vigneault’s gens du pays (video with English sub-titles)!

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