Thank goodness some provinces are pushing back ideological insanities

We used to be told that those who do not turn “climate change” into a religion are deniers of “science”… but which science are we talking about?

Now, we are told that those who do not see “systemic racism” everywhere are deniers of racism… because they are racist. We do not even mention the science anymore. No time for that. We establish the conclusions before the facts. This is it and we should agree… If we don’t, we are racist.

We are not being told anything about the definition of this so-called “systemic racism”. We just need to admit that it exists and then agree with whatever actions being demanded in its name.

Does that make any sense? Perhaps to some human beings in Canada, in the States, and around the world… but surely not to Bambi… and to silent deer with a free mind that do not buy ideas blindly without thinking about them first.  

Here are the articles from different media, interestingly almost having the same title ?. Notice the “could not agree”. It implies there is something wrong with their perspective, and not that they have a different perspective or they just “do not agree” with this perspective.

Of course, Bambi is saying so whilst knowing that bad people exist (in all groups) and good people exist (in all groups). Of course, racism exists. Discrimination exists. We are surely far from being a perfect country or a perfect province. We still have a lot of concrete work to do for the justice to our first nations. However, all in all, we are not that bad.

Despite all our vices, we are NOT systematically racist… at least according to Bambi.

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