Bambi is a proud “deer” aunt of a “dear” nephew!

His name is Nicolas Doghlass. He graduated yesterday from the American University of Beirut (AUB) with the most prestigious distinction in his field of studies, architecture.

Mr. Nicolas Doghlass is smart, creative, diligent, humble, and with a heart of gold!

In addition to his talent in architecture, he is a skilled soccer player, and an entrepreneur (even at his young age).

Of note, Mr. Doghlass and his peers graduated after a year spent in a revolution (due to Lebanon’s financial crisis) and the covid-19 pandemic.

Bambi wishes Nicolas all the best in life!

To conclude this post, here is a picture taken from his mother’s twitter account that made Bambi’s heart swell with pride.

8 thoughts on “Bambi is a proud “deer” aunt of a “dear” nephew!”

  1. Congratulations Nicolas. Although you don’t know me but I have heard often about you from your aunt Bambi. I have still great memories of days that I worked on my drawings and thesis. I hope you enjoyed your time a lot too and I wish you many many enjoyable and fun projects in the coming days and years..

    1. Bambi is moved to read the kind words of her mother-in-law (thanks/merci Bernadette :)). Nicolas will be happy to read your comment too!

  2. Bambi is happy/moved to read all the comments of her friends (like sisters) and relatives. Thank you for your wonderful heartfelt words to Nicolas (+ his aunt who is also his proud godmother :))!

  3. Nicolas although you do not know me..I have followed your journey through your wonderful aunt Rima. It seems like the years have flown by as Rima always described you as her young Nephew..but now such an accomplished person!
    Bravo! Congratulations! Architecture is so demanding, so much knowledge and talent has to be integrated to meet standards. Wishing you all the best in your next endeavours,
    From a close friend though so far! Mabrouk!

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