Thanks Québec for honouring Mr. Jean Lapierre: A section of route 139 will bear his name!

Here a quick google translation of an article from La Presse:

Today, the Government of Québec announced the new name of Route 139 to immortalize the memory of Mr. Jean Lapierre, in the presence of his children, Ms. Marie-Anne and Mr. Jean-Michel Lapierre, who survived their parents. As a reminder, in the 2016 small airplane accident, they also lost their mother, two uncles, and an aunt, along with the pilot.

Bambi paid tribute to Mr. Lapierre in an earlier post honouring “Maman Dion” (Céline’s mom) and the Magdalen Islands. What a tragic loss his death, along with his family members… Not just for his mother and children but also to those beautiful islands, in the Atlantic ocean (nearby but part of Québec), for all of us across Canada, including his beloved Québec (especially Granby and the Eastern Townships).

Mr. Lapierre was a federal liberal MP (1979-1992), a Canadian Minister of Transport (2004-2006), a columnist, and an excellent TV/radio broadcaster. He was appreciated by many citizens, including Bambi ?.

Bambi thought of Ms. Lapierre (his mother) at the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic. No clue why… perhaps whilst thinking of our seniors or listening to a song or remembering good family memories in the Magdalen Islands. She wondered how she is going through this health crisis, especially at her older age, and after her tragic life losses (i.e., the death of her kids at their father’s funeral).

Today, she would like to dedicate Mr. Robichaud’s beautiful song included in the earlier post (see the end of this post) to the Lapierre family and to all the Magdalen Islanders!

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