Even when fighting the noble anti-racism cause, it is sad to see NB youth being radicalized

Below, Bambi feels the urge to react to the following CBC article informing that “official Black Lives Matter chapter formed in New Brunswick”:


Canadians, and especially Maritimers, are naïve.

They do not know how radicalism operates.

They are blessed to live in peace and in a quiet environment.

The lady in the picture is citing the Prophet Mohamed…. A holy Prophet (bless his name) but ironically, he comes from one of the most racist parts of the world.

Plus, this article talks about “the black community”.

There is no single “black” community (and no single “white” community neither).

How can you be from one single entity when you come from different places and backgrounds?

The experiences of an Afro-American adolescent are not like those of a Sudanese youth living in Ottawa or a newcomer to NB from Congo or a francophone Maritimer from Paris who happens to have a black skin.

What do all these people cited above have in common? Really?

The only thing they have in common is to be New Brunswickers all of them! Canadians!

Why don’t they focus on what unites them to make our province and country a better place for all?

Why are they falling into the trap of putting barriers between them and others instead of building bridges between them and others?

Bambi feels like telling these surely well-meaning young people the following:

Like you, she has encountered a couple of “racist” situations or folks throughout her 30 years in Canada. Who hasn’t?

Sometimes, we may perceive situations as being negative when they are not.

Sometimes, we judge too fast. We do no wait for facts or explanations.

We are 37 million Canadians. Isn’t it normal to have a few who would be truly racist or truly unwelcoming?

We are about 745, 000 New Brunswickers. Isn’t it normal to meet a few who may be unwelcoming?

However, this does not mean that our country is racist.

NB is NOT racist.

Canada is NOT racist.

We do NOT have “systemic” racism or “systemic” discrimination.

We just have “systemic naivety” because we are a young country and because we want to save the world.  

Oh, one quick question to Mr. Husoni Raymond: Upon your graduation from St-Thomas University, you have been named the 2020 recipient of the Tom McCann Memorial Trophy for your “strong leadership and character, and who best portrays the spirit of St. Thomas through their contributions”.

If NB is as racist as you are claiming, would one of its prestigious universities be honouring you like that ??

To conclude this post, sorry but Bambi does not buy your claim, you and your peers… But, by the way, she will tell you: Congratulations on your award!

8 thoughts on “Even when fighting the noble anti-racism cause, it is sad to see NB youth being radicalized”

    1. Thank you, Sally for this link. This article deserves a post on its own :). What is intriguing to Bambi is when journalists are also activists. How can you be both at the same time?

    1. Bambi is happy to post your comment, Mr. Husoni even if she disagrees with it (by the way, congrats again on your award!). She will also share the following: 1. Your comment on twitter “1. She has the right to express her views but that does not isolate her from criticism, especially as a light skinned/white passing person, she has no authority to deny the existence of racism in NB and dismiss the lived experiences of other racialized people.” Mmm, Bambi would rather agree with Mr. Jonathan Key’s twitter reply: “Husoni weighs in … He’s mentioned in the story. It’s okay to mob her, apparently, because she’s “light skinned” Arab. Not dark-skinned Thanks for the expert intersectional analysis, @HusoniRaymond”. I wonder if your read his article in the National Post? By the way, Bambi completed your survey. Thank you.

  1. Well done… I love the thrust of this article being to unify people… thanks for writing this… its courageous in this day and age to stand up to the movements incited to divide us all .. blessings from a fellow blogger in town. Bruce Wark had linked to this article recently at his popular site.

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