Bravo to President Macron for defending his Republic and its security forces

As per France24 and the video below from Le Parisien, “French President Emmanuel Macron vowed Sunday to stand firm against racism but also praised police and insisted that France wouldn’t take down statues of controversial, colonial-era figures”.

In his address to the nation, he warned that the “noble struggle” against discrimination risks being led astray by “communitarianism” and a “hateful, false rewriting of the past”.

He said: “I tell you very clearly this evening, my dear fellow compatriots: the Republic will not wipe out any trace or any name from its history. It will forget none of its works. It will overturn no statue.”

France will look “lucidly, together, at all our history, all our memory”… “in particular its colonial relationship with Africa… to build a possible present and future on both sides of the Mediterranean”.

In the process of doing so, he talked about “a will to establish the truth but under no circumstances revisiting or denying what we are”, he firmly stated whilst looking straight in the camera.

Mind you, this aligns with the message of Mr. Trump: Of course, no to discrimination and racism but a definite no to destruction and chaos. Mr. Trump went even further by cutting the funding of organizations fueling what Mr. Macron called “communitarism”.

The communitarism Mr. Macron is referring to is easy to fuel in volatile places of the world (i.e., Lebanon)… but luckily there too, politicians, religious leaders, and so far the desperate population seem to know (at least until now ☹) that there is a red line not to be crossed… for the sake of the safety of everyone.  

2 thoughts on “Bravo to President Macron for defending his Republic and its security forces”

  1. Food for Thought
    Everyday I Write the Book

    Communitarianism – Why All Hipsters AKA Progressives Look The Same

    Progressives feel it is their “God-Given Right” to allocate points within their communities of whom is more human amongst us “identity politics” judging others by “The Book Cover”. Not letting individuals decide their own content and not having the rights of owing their own copyrights of their individual stories “Everyday I Write the Book”. This, of course, excludes them. They have a different set of standards for people with the right mindset and with the right pedigree, thank you, Pope Gregory XV “Propagation of the Faith”.

    Individuals are like books with individual content within these books, no two stories or perspectives will ever be the same, and that’s a good thing, and that copyright belongs to you.

    This understanding will hopefully make everyone more human and more humble, respectful, and broadening everyone’s horizons views of humanity. Society is an abstraction but individualism is a reality.

    Multicultural society. No, we should not be seeing everything through the context of race, Critical Race Theory (CRT) “identity politics”. This by no means that you should not be proud of your roots and your heritage. The history of your ancestry matters, but what matters more are your individual actions in the present. Birth should not be a crime and claiming certain groups based on race or sex as being irremediable will simply cause more mayhem.

    I can’t think of anything more diverse than the individual and all individuals bring something to the table, regardless of their race, creed, or colour, or gender, and not because of their race, creed, or colour, or gender “poverty does not discriminate”. Individuals are real but groups have agendas “identity politics”.

    Progressive Privilege and having the luxury to only see perspective through narrow echo chambers with your so-called peers, the deciders of “identity politics”. The Mischling Test, The Progressive Checklist “, who feel at a whim can criminalize dissent while simultaneously erasing history. One can’t reject what one does not know in the first place, “knowledge is power”.

    Elvis Costello “Everyday I Write the Book”
    Even in a perfect world where everyone was equal
    I’d still own the film rights and be working on the sequel

    PM Justin Trudeau
    ” Canada Day an opportunity for ‘reflection’ ”
    People that always tell others to reflect might want to take a look at a real mirror once in a while and look at their own reflection. Mind in you in PM Justin Trudeau’s case it might be a bad idea, I don’t think we as a society would be able to tear him away from that mirror, vanity is not a virtue, PM Justin Trudeau.

  2. Communitarianism is a word you don’t hear often enough… but thanks for the article and as a matter of record Marine Le Pen has also spoken out against Communitarianism.. in particular, when she was visiting at the invitation of Quebecers a few years ago now .. please share the link for this important read on the subject… your readers will be more informed by Niki Raapana and Nordica Friedrich’s thesis on the subject… I know that I became familiar with the ‘dictatorship of community’ as Niki puts it in around 2013… – ACL Books is an indie research publisher organization in Alaska USA.

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