Mr. Trudeau, can you please stop calling Bambi a “racialized” Canadian deer?

Despite any good intention, Bambi would like to kindly ask you Mr. Trudeau to please stop calling her a “racialized” Canadian deer, as per the article below and several others, citing you or your honourable ministers.

Bambi is a Canadian deer. Period.

Just like all the other Canadian deer.

Please do not put her so-called “race” (she prefers the term “ethnolinguistic background) into what looks like a tribal category.

Without wanting to, this seems like a recipe for dividing Canadians, not for uniting them.

For Bambi, this seems not only unwise but also insulting.

Please, rise above all this.

Please unite us together, today more than ever.

Without wanting it to for sure, your anti-racism language/efforts may sadly backfire on us all, as they may act as seeds for communitarism.

Bambi and all her community of deer are Canadians.

We are proud Canadians.

We do not want to be treated with neither pity nor holiness.

We want to be treated equally to ALL Canadians.

We are neither better nor worse than our fellow Canadian citizens.

As immigrants, we want our kids (and/or young relatives) to have a sense of belongingness to their adoptive country or to the country that has adopted their parents.

We want them/us to have a sense of responsibility toward our society and country, in addition to our Canadian laws to protect our rights.

Thank you, Mr. Trudeau.

One thought on “Mr. Trudeau, can you please stop calling Bambi a “racialized” Canadian deer?”

  1. Moreover, my non-native friend… they’re created a lot of needless strife and tension by dividing indigenous and non-indigenous Canadians— which is actually a very big deal because the ‘non-natives’ are said to all be living on stolen lands of the ‘natives’ and from what I can see [removal of land rights of non-natives] there is no way this could end well.. so expect more antagonism, incitement, discord, race baiting, race wars, and racial division as they are a recipe for tension and disruption in a society that should be peaceful and content.. we have a massive nation that is rich in resources, wildlife, fresh water, land and beauty…. so why can’t we all get along? Because the agenda is about dividing and conquering the people and keeping them occupied with petty and time-wasting pursuits like ‘social justice’ and ‘racial justice’ in this country. Universities play a pretty substantial role in this agenda to be honest… see this article for more on this … its a great reference: Civilian Intelligence Network was founded by Shawn Paul Melville, editor/publisher:

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