Why is Ms. Jessica Mulroney apologizing? And why is our mainstream media and a famous company participating in symbolic intimidation? Today it is about Ms. Mulroney. Tomorrow about whom?

First, here the Global News article in question:

Bambi lives on a different planet sometimes… She has never heard of this Ms. Jessica Mulroney until reading the news today, even if like her, she also originally comes from Montreal.

Of course, after reading her story, she understands she is the spouse of Mr. Ben Mulroney, son of Mr. Mulroney (a former PM).

Maybe Ms. Jessica Mulroney is privileged because she is married to the son of a former PM or was born into a wealthy family (who must have worked hard to be successful), not because she is “white”?

Maybe Ms. Sasha Exter is privileged too with her beauty ?, even if she sounds fake in her video (see the link above).

In addition to her beauty and “blackness” to use her own logic, for Bambi, she looks more Lebanese than anything else given her cleavage ? (TV stars dress like that in her birth country).

Seriously, it is odd how she tells us, between two “apparently fake” tears, that she is a single mom, raising a “black daughter”? Who calls her daughter like that in real life?  

Bambi does not have kids but she would have never said “I am raising a deer daughter” (just HER DEAR daughter!), white or yellow or green/blue or black daughter… or a Christian or Jewish or Muslim daughter, or Canadian or Lebanese daughter, etc.

She would be “raising her daughter”. Period.

For Bambi, the truth of this story got out at the 2:55 minutes of the video when we understand what it is all about: Ms. Mulroney seems to have been “invited” to take part in a campaign of a certain movement… and she probably said no.

It seems that some people do not know how to take no for an answer.

Ms. Mulroney should have not apologized (as per the text at the end of the article above), according to Bambi, even if the company she works with (credit card one) is dumping her over this story.

From civil war past experiences, Bambi knows that we should not apologize to the mob in life.

We should know ourselves/our values well in life, keep standing up for them and keep the freedom of saying no to any project, personal or professional.

Ms. Mulroney did not do anything wrong. Why is she apologizing to her apparent bully?

By the way, if we speak the language of this new age anti-racist activists, are Jews (or Arabs) “white”? Bambi thought they have been victims of a holocaust because they were not “white” enough according to the Nazis.

Yesterday, we learned from our local media (Warktimes) that a friend in Bambi’s town called herself “a person of colour” (sounds funny as a label, one must say, but it is not white then… both Ms. Mulroney and this younger friend are semitic, mind you ?).

Oh… one more thing, Ms. Mulroney should be thankful for not having Ms. Meghan Markle as her friend anymore… A friend who does not stand by you when you need her the most in life does not seem to be the most loyal friend on earth.

Who needs unauthentic “friends” in life?

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