Sackville, NB, and our world lost a great man, Dr. Elmer Melvin Tory

His name is Dr. Elmer Melvin Tory (1928-2020), Professor Emeritus in mathematics and computer science at Mount Allison University.

His grieving family members are his “son Kevin (Christine), grandsons Pavel and Michael, and several nieces and nephews”. “He was predeceased by his wife Audrey, sisters Marjorie Tory and Lucile Peacock, brothers Alan and Cecil, and daughter Heather Austin”:

Whilst lighting a candle for him, the hearts of Bambi and her spouse go to his family members’ hearts… May he rest in peace.

To honour him, Mount Allison University lowered its flag to half-mast today, thank you.

All those who have known him in our town are sad today.

Dr. Tory has enriched his field of research (“sedimentation of polydisperse suspensions”, publishing scientific “articles into his 80s”). He taught and mentored generations of students. He also invested time and energy, contributing to make his beloved university the best workplace it can be. For instance, he served on several university committees and acted in many roles within the Mount Allison University’s community (as a university as well as in the union of professors, called the Mount Allison Faculty Association or MAFA). This in addition to also having acted as the President of the Federation of New Brunswick Faculty Associations.

All the above is a source of inspiration, thank you Dr. Elmer Tory!

However, perhaps even more meaningful than all this fantastic professional legacy is the humanity of Dr. Tory…. The “Elmer” whom Bambi and her spouse met 10-12 years ago. He was their (MAFA) party friend, so to speak. Celebration after celebration, term after term, they spent time chatting with him and sometimes laughing :). Elmer had a beautiful sense of humour in addition to his sharp mind and gentle presence. He was fun and everyone was fond of him, including them.

Obviously, we are all going where Elmer went on May 27, 2020. It is called death and it is an integral part of life.

We die, for sure, but when we do so, it is our reputation that remains eternal, transcending death (through memory). It is the human part of Dr. Tory that will be missed perhaps the most… The next MAFA parties will not be the same without you Elmer ☹ .

Bambi recalls how you once joked after your last birthday, telling us “that you have relatives who lived beyond 100 years. So, perhaps you have those good genes (for longevity)”.

You surely had the “genes” of humanity/sweetness, so to speak.

Thank you for whom you have been… Rest in peace now, please.

4 thoughts on “Sackville, NB, and our world lost a great man, Dr. Elmer Melvin Tory”

  1. We knew him as Elmer. Dr T came to our home at times with Dr David Pickard and wife Dale. He was a guest at times with the Pickard when we lived in Sharon, Massachusetts. My husband, David and Elmer would attend functions together at Harvard, when they included a buffet. My husband Maurice ” Mo” was at MIT. One day,our very affectionate male cat had poor Elmer pinned to the sofa as Mittens nursed on Elmer’s ear. I know the Pickards were really fond of Elmer and he and Dave did research together during the Boston/Harvard years. Dave is gone now, very early on, maybe around 1990 or just before. My husband passed March 2021. BLESS THEM

    1. Many thanks for sharing these moving memories, M. Lorraine (McDermott). Bambi is honoured to post your comment and sends you her deepest condolences. May your husband, David and Elmer (Dr. Elmer Melvin Tory)’s memory be eternal…Thanks to him for touching so many lives and how beautiful to read about your memories with David. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Dr. Baerlocher (or Felix) for your kind words. Yes, we will all miss him!
      Hope you/your family are doing well (Bambi misses seeing you on Friday evenings). You take good care.

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