Happy Birthday Rania & Michael, two talented family members!

First to Rania, Bambi’ sister in Beirut (Lebanon), Happy Birthday! Below is a little tribute to your talent… well, using your own pictures :):

A fantastic picture taken by Ms. Rania Azar Berbery
A screenshot of a beautiful picture taken from Ms. Rania Azar Berbery’s photography website

Here is Rania’s website with more pictures: http://www.raniaazar.com/ Bravo to her!

Ok, that was Rania in Beirut. Bambi will virtually jump to Dubai (United Arab Emirates) now to wish her nephew Michael a Happy Birthday! Yes, the latter was born on his aunty Rania’s birthday :). Bambi was blessed to see him at Christmas, right before the pandemic. She is proud of him big time! Below you can partly see why (article/interview featuring him). The other part is simply beyond words… This smart/talented young man is a beautiful soul with a BIG heart. He is humble, generous, down to earth, etc. Did Bambi forget anything about him? As you can notice below, he is handsome too :).

“Managing Expectations” (published by “Diaryforyourstory” on January 1, 2019)

Mr. Michael Doghlass

“Young. Enthusiast. Aspiring banker. Michael Doghlass, a corporate banker at Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, thrives to keep climbing up the success ladder as a young man. Born and raised in Canada, Doghlass does not only consider himself a Canadian citizen but also a citizen of the world. “There is no geographical area that would limit me,” he says. He is a 24-year old adventurer who contemplates meeting people from different educational and cultural backgrounds: a benefit to his personal growth.

“I decided to come to Dubai to discover what the corporate life is all about. I fell in love with the city,” he reveals.

Doghlass graduated from the Lebanese American University with a B.S. in Economics. He, then, mastered in International Business at Grenoble Ecole de Management University. Throughout his life, Doghlass always had the mentality of “I want to keep learning”. For that, he decided to visit Dubai during that summer and go for an internship at the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank.

Being a graduate from one of the top business schools in the world, he did not aim to want it all at the beginning. “For me, planning your objectives and not setting your expectations too high are two of the most important things”, he states. One could say that managing the expectations of his parents, clients, and his surroundings is one of Doghlass’s hobbies.

Expectations. Expectations. Expectations.

Doghlass is aware that he is in for a treat. With trying new places and learning new cultures, one would assume that adapting would be hard. In this case, he took his new experience one-step at a time, until adapting became a piece of cake. Doghlass continues, “I am currently working in the Large Corporate Department. I manage accounts that have a turnover of 500 million and above, some of the biggest accounts in Dubai.” “This came in after the hard work and overtime hours that I have put in to get to where I am,” he adds.

Expectations is a word that people often tend to “look” at with high standards as they believe that there is a minimum target one should fulfill. As this happens, some might neglect the more important things in their own lives. It is always a dilemma of setting own goals and objectives all while trying to hit the expectations of bosses, parents, and surroundings.

“To me, it is not about the goals or targets. It is about the expectations, just the right amount of dosage,” states Doghlass. However, on another note, individuals should not let all of their targeted roads be based on goals and objectives. Expectations allow the mindset of a person to be at ease within himself and his entourage. If expectations at work for a newbie were to complete tasks that seniors are doing, then the management would have been disappointed. Doghlass says, “I told myself that everything above my own expectations was an achievement to myself.”

Doghlass’s parents did not have expectations that he would get the job in Dubai. When he got to Lebanon, he didn’t come back unhappy if he didn’t get the job. He wasn’t even worried about what his close ones’ reaction would be. “All what I was doing was a plus to my objectives and goals,” declares Doghlass.

“I strategize my future one step at a time, I do not jump steps. If I jump, I will not be setting myself firmly in the best way.”

Shifting a little bit towards his educational period of time, Doghlass was asked to be the valedictorian of his graduating class at Grenoble Ecole de Management University. “When I knew that I was going to give the graduation speech, I was very happy,” he states. He was hesitant at first since he was the only one giving a speech out of around 200 students.

“I am managing expectations,” says Doghlass firmly.

Steps That Matter

When asked “What’s next?” Doghlass stressed on the fact that it is important for him to grow personally. He believes that if he stays in the same place, he will not be able to grow in the way that he wants to. “I was introduced to the Head of Corporate at the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank. I wanted to feel the vibe and learn more about how the work flows”, he says.

At this point, Doghlass gives credit to his boss. “Every day my boss used to take time out of his work to thoroughly help me answer all of my concerns and develop further my knowledge,” admits Doghlass.

He is known to be a thorough observer. What helped him the most, it is the fact that he used to take notes about everything his bosses used to say. “I wanted to learn the best out of each senior,” tells Doghlass.

Doghlass worked long-hard hours to prove himself and his capabilities. He created a need for himself at the Bank. His dream was to stay there and he wanted to learn more. The managing team found a loophole to have him among them.

Doghlass states, “I want to build on my resume that I am a loyal employee. Here, I am able to learn.”

He believes that learning is the key to keep on growing and developing personally and professionally. Since his Grenoble Ecole de Management graduation, Doghlass did not stop to ameliorate himself. He is still studying to land a certification in Investment Banking: Mergers and Acquisitions from the New York Institute of Finance. He has already completed four out of six courses. He reveals that the courses are very tough. In that context, Doghlass always tries to find a few hours after work to study and sit for his exams. “This is what is helping me grow,” he confirms.

Humorous Insight

What distinguishes the young generation from the old is the fact that they tend to try to do it all. This upcoming era of individuals create humor and fun moments from nothing. Imagine if your name coincides with a major famous actor: Michael Doghlass! Well, what are the odds? According to Doghlass, this coincidence has its perks. Some tend not to believe him until they are provided with proof. Others assume that the actor’s team is speaking on his behalf.

Yet, stereotyping strikes again! “They believe that my first name is Michael but they do not believe that my family name is Doghlass,” he admits.

Doghlass decided to take matters into his own hands and declare to people that they will not be believing his name as he introduces himself. However, this has brought him a lot of advantages. Doghlass affirms, “People tend to remember me more because of my name. It will always ring a bell.”

With everything happening around, all the work load, the convincing, the feeling of being homesick, it is always refreshing to know that one has a caring family back home. This two-way communication between children and parents is crucial in a person’s everyday life. It gives both parties a kind of energy to keep on going and look forward to the meeting point. Doghlass recalls, “Technology is my best friend in such situations. It takes two seconds to send a message to let my family know that I am okay.”

Passing on the Torch

“If I want to give advice to the younger generation, I would say do not set your expectations too high. Go in with zero expectations and build yourselves from there”, emphasizes Doghlass. With high expectations, people expect more of each other and set certain standards to be achieved. Anything less would be perceived as a low achievement. Senior managements or even one’s entourage would be disappointed.
Entering his 3rd year working in the city of Dubai, Doghlass is mastering the patience and understanding skill. Work problems and bad days happen, it is up to the person to know how to react and handle such situations in the utmost professional way.

Professionalism is crucial to the workforce colleagues and bosses. “I was taught how to deal with sensible work obstacles by my close family members through their own unique humble experience,” he reveals. “I solve problems that I encounter with a mix of both my own thinking and the advice he has given me”.

Doghlass says, “My advice to aspiring youngsters is start somewhere. No matter how little it is, you will grow and you will achieve. Do not stop studying and always try to get certifications from good places”.”

End of the interview published “Diaryforyourstory“.

To conclude this post, here is a song for you, Michael & Rania :). Bambi loves you and wishes you all the best! Be safe, have fun.

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