No, Canada is not systematically racist. It is rather becoming radicalized and collectively insane in front of our eyes

First, here is the article from the New Wark Times entitled: Hundreds gather in Sackville for anti-racism vigil:

The last time Bambi checked, climate change was the hot topic in our town/country.

Today, it seems to be “systematic” racism.

Who is funding these demonstrations across our country? Bambi’s own hypothesis is that all this may not be about the brutality to Mr. Floyd at all, sadly ☹. It may not be about Canada even. Just like climate change radicalism maybe, but that’s her own personal hypothesis.

Anyhow, Bambi is not talking about the well-meaning folks on the streets of Sackville for sure. However, without realizing it, all these demonstrations are tools serving other purposes.

Who gains from politically using a tragedy like the torture/death of Mr. Floyd ☹?

Or is it the long confinement and boredom that is pushing people on the streets?

Who is with torture/brutality? Who is all for racism? Do you know anyone who would be?

Why are we radicalizing our thoughts/ourselves like that then, bringing the American issues to us?

The New Wark Times article refers to Ms. Robyn Maynard. Bambi has expressed her thoughts about Ms. Maynard last year: For her, this speaker was not the wisest choice made. She was not of high calibre like the other much stronger speakers.

Ms. Maynard lectured us on “our” racism whilst she is a stranger to the Maritimes and to our small town.

She knows nothing about our provincial social development sector, our health sector, our schools, our police services, etc.

It is no secret to anyone that Bambi is not “local”, even if she considers herself a proud Maritimer and surely a proud Canadian.

Although we are far from being perfect (no country, no entity, and no human beings are), we are NOT systematically racist. Saying the opposite would be delusional… or we would be once again emptying words from their meaning.

We do not have systematic racist regulations (based on race, etc.). We do not systematically discriminate, as Mr. Trudeau has unwisely said.

Yes, some individuals here and there may be racist but this is not institutionalized.

In order to state something like that, perhaps our PM must assess it first and not repeat silly clichés or force his cliché into our brains. If he does not measure his soc-called systematic racism, perhaps it would be wiser to refrain from lecturing us about it.  

To come back to Ms. Maynard, contrary to her, Bambi knows the attitude and the relations of Canadians/Maritimers with her own family members. For instance, she is involved in 2-3 different cultural or multicultural associations. She has diversity under her own roof and in her own/larger family (with over 8 different religions, some historically not getting along well). So, please give us a break Ms. Maynard and Ms. Lerch.

Bambi also knows how welcoming New Brunswickers are for having been, with her spouse, foster parents for youth from all backgrounds, including the African continent. They have also acted as host parents too.

Sackville and Moncton (+ Amherst) are the MOST welcoming and generous regions of Canada. The latter is a wonderful country… but it is being ruined in front of our eyes ☹.

Last bur surely not the least, Bambi and surely Ms. Marilyn Lerch, if the latter recalls from their encounter in the United Church at the memorial for the deceased mother of a friend in town (newcomers, escaping from the Middle East). All the attendants were from different villages/towns from NB and NS. Most were observant Muslims (clearly from their conservative outfit). Once again, Sackvillians, including Ms. Lerch herself, showed their tolerance, generosity and loving care to Bambi’s new friends.

Of note, Sackville welcomed this beautiful family first. Then, later, the uncle who thank God managed to join them. Sackville also welcomed another family from Syria and at least two others from Africa. Is this systematic racism? Is this unconscious bias? Is this a micro-aggressive act of racism?

Bambi is still in contact with one of our Syrian families who left us to another province (she acted as a translator. Now she calls herself a friend). This amazing family is FULL of gratitude for Sackville and its people, churches, university/students, official town.

If Sackville and Canada were systematically racist, would they be full of gratitude like that?  

If they hear about this demonstration, they will be surprised and they may find Canadians being ridiculous, just like Bambi.  

Before concluding this post, we learned tonight that a former politician resigned from the Board of Directors of Telus for having said that there was no systematic racism in Canada:

Is this normal? Is this a good thing?

We are collectively becoming insane Bambi is afraid, not systematically racist.

So, no Mr. Ivan Okello and Ms. Lerch (or perhaps your favourite politicians too), there is NO systematic racism in Canada. Saying the opposite would be not only false or silly narrative, it would be a crime in the long-term, if we Lebanonize Canada ☹.

Doing this to ourselves is precisely what made Bambi escape from when she immigrated to Canada…

3 thoughts on “No, Canada is not systematically racist. It is rather becoming radicalized and collectively insane in front of our eyes”

  1. I’ve had four youtube accounts deleted. I’ve made videos about the apparent need to push a race war in our nation to keep the ‘divide and conquer’ operating … if Canadians were ever united against a common enemy and aware of the ‘trick’ being played on them they would find a new age of peace and prosperity.. until then … stay peaceful and don’t allow the agitators to get to you [Bambi]. God bless.

    1. Thank you Sadie. Bambi is not an expert of all this, but she finds the title of this Act overdue for a change and she wishes her fellow Indigenous citizens all the best for more respect, justice, reconciliation, love, and prosperity.

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