Outbreak of the coronavirus in Restigouche: Why aren’t we revealing the physician’s name to protect the population?

From this article from a media from Québec (not even in NB), Bambi learned that the clinic of the irresponsible physician in question is on “Village Avenue” in Campbellton.

From a quick read of the media, we can learn that this physician seemed to have lied to the authorities about his travel reason. Upon his return from Québec, he did not respect a rule ALL the citizens are supposed to respect upon returning from “essential” travels (14 days of self-isolation). This physician completely forgot that, as a health professional, he should know all this better than the rest of us. For whatever reason, he did not. Perhaps he was too eager to return to his service. Perhaps he thought himself above the virus (and the rules).

A quick English translation:


From the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New Brunswick’s public website, when we search, we can find the following table:

If the table above is up-to-date and the physician is truly a “he”, as it has been referred to him in the media, he would be one of the following: Dr. Ngola Monzinga, Dr. Ahmad Khatib, or Dr. Fuzesi Gabor. If the physician is a female, the only name seems to be Dr. Catherine Benoit.

Bambi was curious to find the name, hoping secretly the physician would not be of her same origins. Luckily, he isn’t (even if he would be the one with the Arabic name).

NB has been doing an outstanding job in the pandemic from Day 1 (if not, Day zero!). It is still doing great now, thank you, except perhaps for the following: Too much political correctness (especially in pandemic times) can literally kill.

As far as the nursing home that is infected is concerned, Bambi hopes they will learn from the experience of Québec in dealing with the patients (transporting the so-called “red” patients (those infected) elsewhere, which seems to have been done, bravo. In addition to this, the “orange” residents (those who could be infected) must not get in contact with the “green” ones (those clearly tested negative). Perhaps this is easier to implement in this nursing home due to is architecture.


People have all the right to be upset and to express their anger, whether in person or on social media. Mind you, Bambi is not on the latter but, from the article above, she understood that people may have circulated a picture of the physician and expressed their frustration. It is normal of municipal politicians to call for calm and remind people of the service of this physician to the community. However, people need to vent in life AND to share information that may have not been shared in the media or the authorities. Why making them feel guilty/badly for doing so?

We can also argue that we should perhaps consider providing the name of the physician for the sake of the other ones (his colleagues whose behaviour did not include the silly act).

Yes, the health authorities will thoroughly help trace the contact of the physicians over two weeks. However, wouldn’t it make more sense to make the information fully public, so no one may be forgotten by inadvertence?

It is Bambi’s hope that everyone will be safe at the end of this story, including the (suspended) physician and his daughter, May this outbreak be successfully contained as much as possible. Best wishes to Restigouche/Campbellton and all of NB!     

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