If Canada is that racist, Mr. Hussen, how come you are a privileged Federal Minister? And If Canada is that systematically racist, Mr. Trudeau, how come so many people are still dying to immigrate here?

Bambi will not spend much time commenting on the article below, as it is a waste of time:


She just feels the urge to express that she is fed up of hearing Mr. Trudeau and his peers, lecturing us, on how much we are systematically racist as a country.

One, enough virtue signalling; Two, for once, show some genuine compassion for your neighbouring country (not once we heard words about that). Please stop saying nonsense to please we do not know whom or to show us how much of good boys you are, better than folks south of our borders.

For God’s sake, do not import neither Somalia nor the United States to Canada.

Bambi has never heard of Mr. Ammar who is cited in the CBC before (even if he is of Lebanese origins too). He may have a point: Mr. Hussen does not make much sense (hence her title). She will add, neither Mr. Trudeau, with all due respect to both and to our actual government.

As for Mr. Trudeau’s “collection of racial data at Statistics Canada to fight against discrimination”, Bambi always omits those questions on purpose, as they get on her nerves. Sometimes, she answers whatever, choosing “other”. She refuses to be categorized in any group like that. She refuses that any of these groups would become a sort of protected group of “deer of Middle Eastern origins” or “deer who have ancestors of this religious background or that” or “deer of this colour or that”. She thinks that merit should be our only measure of excellence and respect to all a primary value.

Stated differently, Bambi’s background is no one’s business. She is against racism to anyone, period. Racism does not have any particular colour or religion or orientation or whatever. She is against torture and brutality to anyone.

Bambi is a Canadian deer, period. Canada is our country all of us. Canada and the Canadian rule of law should be above us all equally, period. Please do not Lebanonize Canada ☹.

In other terms, “all” lives matter, not just “deer lives”.   

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